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Raw fishie

Posted Jan 30 2010 10:33pm

Saturday morning breakfast?  A bagel.  Dry, plain, cinnamon raisin.  Don’t ask me why….  just felt like it.


It was quick and easy, which was what I needed since I woke up at noon.  Oops.

I had some good highlights yesterday.  First?  A good ole’ trip to Whole Foods.  It’s really close to where I live, but I still don’t go all that often because it’s so flippin expensive!  Most things I can get at Trader Joes or Safeway.  When I walked in, I saw these:


Have you ever had kumquats?  I grew up eating them.  My grandma (and when I was younger, before he died, my grandpa) live in Florida where they own several acres of citrus tree groves.  On those groves, they have several kumquat trees.  I used to love going down there and just walking around, picking kumquats off the trees and popping them in my mouth.  I have never seen them for sale in a store, neither in Pittsburgh or here in California, so I had to get some. 


These bad boys were SOUR!!!  I still like them, but I think it is more because of the mental aspect.  Because the taste makes your face pucker up!  S had one and said, “No more!”  That’s ok, more for me ;)

I also picked these up at Whole Foods.  I have seen lots of people eating them and saying they are delicious, but have never tried them.


Food Should Taste Good chips!  I got the Sweet Potato ones, and they are delicious!  I ate 3oz (half the bag) and was impressed with my ability to not eat all of them. 

Finally, for my third interesting outing for the weekend, S and I went to an Asian market.  Once again, we picked up lots of goodies that will be seen in later posts.  The main reason that we went there was to buy the ingredients for us to make sushi at home!  In December, S brought home some nice sushi plates that he won in a white elephant game at work.  Ever since then, we have been meaning to make sushi.  We have decided tomorrow will be the day!  We picked up the necessary items at the Asian market.  So we’ll see how it goes.  This should be interesting ;)

I love, love, LOVE going to asian markets.  Besides the little drawback that I can’t read any of the signs so I’m not entirely sure about what 99% of the items actually are…  They have such interesting things and usually have great prices.  I mean, just for the veggies I picked up… I got some broccoli crowns for $.79/lb, some zucchini for $.69/lb, and an avocado for $.50.  I got some chestnuts:


And some dried anchovies (love those bad boys, even though they make everybody else gag…)


Look, you can even see the eyes ;)


And I got lots of sashimi!  A big block of salmon for my sushi tomorrow, and a mixed package which I ate tonight.


Just drizzled with some soy sauce.  Yes, I eat raw fish off a plate by itself.  That’s how I roll.

This was about half, I had the other half later on.

Here’s my salmon I’m saving for my sushi:


There was also more grape consumption:


Outside of my foodie activities today…. I went to the library!  I love going to the library.  I went to Campbell library today, which is a lot closer to me than the Saratoga library, but is not nearly as nice.  And it was totally PACKED today.  I ended up getting two books that I have been wanting to read:

I will read Little Bee first, because it is only a one-week library checkout.  I can’t wait, I love getting new books!

Now I’m off to enjoy some of these:


Along with some fudge and some ice cream sammies for dessert.  Yay for Saturday nights!

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