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Raw Coconut Lemon Squares

Posted Feb 27 2013 9:25am
Posted in: Recipes

Do you looove macaroons?  Do you looove lemons?

Well, today you’re getting a 2-for-1 deal:)   This recipe marries the coconutty flavour of macaroons with the refreshing zing of lemons (without all the sugar and processed ingredients).

The bonus:

  • There are only 4 ingredients!  Cashews, coconut, lemon, honey – so it’s easy and pretty much fool proof!
  • These ingredients come with a multitude of health benefits - get an energy boost, fend off the common cold, and regulate your bowels.

You’ll need a food processor and a dehydrator for this recipe.  But don’t run the other way if you’re without a dehydrator.  Plan B is to simply use your oven.

I recently took the “Professional Skills Development” course at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and it was one of my favourites.  Not necessarily because I learned a bunch, but more so because we spent three dreamy classes salivating while observing food demos….and even better, we spent 3 classes EATING.  I had the pleasure of sampling healthy and delicious dishes from 30 of my fabulous classmates.

This was the recipe I demoed in class.  The only reminisce of my Coconut Lemon Squares was a plate of crumbs, so I figured this recipe earned its right to be posted:)

Note: For this recipe to truly be “raw” I suggest dehydrating at 115 degrees for a few hours then 105 degrees for a few more hours.

What’s in it for your health?


  • Cashews are packed with calories, but they’re also packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.
  • Cashews provide twice as much zinc as any other nut.   Zinc is a mineral used by your body to fight off infections.

Shredded Coconut

  • Coconut is a source of medium chain triglycerides which provides quick and lasting boosts of energy.
  • Coconut meat contains lauric acid, which fights bacteria from intestinal parasites and wards off infections ranging from HIV to the common cold.
  • It’s high fiber content helps digestive and stomach ailments such as constipation and gas.


  • :  Get the most from every lemon by rolling the room-temperature fruit under your palm.  This breaks down cells inside the fruit which hold the liquid.
  • A large lemon contains whopping 75% of the daily requirement for Vitamin C!   We need Vitamin C to fight off colds and heal cuts and wounds.
  • If you use only the juice and discard the peel, you’re doing your health a disservice!   Lemon peels contain spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fiber:


  • Honey can soothe coughs and ease colds.  A mixture of lemon juice and raw honey provides relief for sore throats and helps stop the tickle that stimulates coughing.
  • :  Do your research when buying raw honey.  About 75% of honey sold in grocery stores is not “real”.  The lack of pollen in these products is a result of being ultra-filtered (a process which destroys all medicinal qualities).
CrossFitter in the morning. Marketer by day. Nutritionist by night. Foodie all day long. Danielle gives you a glimpse into her paleo and primal lifestyle with recipes (gluten and dairy free), restaurant reviews (searching for the healthiest spots in Toronto), fitness and nutrition tips. Hope you're hungry!
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