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Random Thoughts XV: Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms of Service

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:36pm

Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms of Service

My initial problem with this change in TOS was not my personal information. Hey, you already got it so what's the point in worrying about what happens when I leave? What did trouble me was the fact that anything on my blog could become theirs because of the FB badge I created through their app called "Networked Blogs."

Sorry Charlie. You can own me all you want but my blog is MINE! As soon as I realized the impact FB would have on my blog, I took my badge off my site and put in one by Creative Commons. I knew that if I was worried about my blog and FB, then other bloggers would worry too. I made sure to make my voice heard and even tried to build up enough courage to leave FB and go back to MySpace.

Well thankfully, FB reverted back to its original TOS. Good news for me and you. I was getting a good number of fans for my Networked Blog site and I love the exchange FB provides between friends, family, and (potential/actual) clients. Soon, you'll see the old FB badge back on my page. Do you think it's a good thing that Facebook reverted back to their original Terms of Service? Let me know...better than that, let Facebook know. ;)

I'm just happy that the people have spoken and we have been heard. It's not like FB is the govt (which is who Americans would really like to feel this way with) but it's a start. And it's about time. :D

Stay strong, stay healthy, and fight dis-ease!

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