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Random Thoughts VII: The New Motto for 2009

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:22pm


I'm talking in regards to all forms of energy. Conserve your sexual energy. That doesn't mean to not have sex. That means to save your sex for someone that deserves it. Be responsible and use condoms everytime, unless you want to have children (and make sure you get those checkups too...I'm talking to the youngings here - and some adults as well! )

Conserve your financial energy! Save your money. Start investing it in things that will benefit you in the long run - paying the bills, getting the food, saving for later.

Most importantly, conserve your mental and emotional energy. Take less things personal. Don't get caught up in the drama. Be responsible for your actions. Apologize if you really mean it. After apologizing, learn from the mistake. Keep it in mind so that you can move forward. Clean house! That includes your physical home as well as your mental one. Do spring cleaning of relationships early! Don't wait for the heat to come upon you. The sun still shines in the winter time (and the weather is sometimes spring like).

Keep your mind focused on things that matter which are NOT trivial. Keep the emotions focused on love, compassion, hope, and caring. Keep the body focused by exercising and eating the right foods for you. Keep the body healthy by taking herbs and supplements that are best suited for you.

But no matter what. Save some of that love and energy...for yourself. You deserve it.


Stay strong, stay healthy and fight dis-ease!
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