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Random and Randomer

Posted Oct 07 2009 8:00pm

My title makes me think of “ curious and curiouser ” a line from Alice in Wonderland (one of my top 5 favorite books!).  I am so excited for that movie to come out, I can’t wait to see Tim Burton’s spin on it.  In general I’ve been super annoyed by all of the children’s books turned live-action movies (The Grinch, Cat in the Hat, etc; blech) but I have high hopes for this one.  I am also excited for “Couples’ Retreat,” which comes out this weekend.  I have a trip to the movies planned to celebrate my first Chem exam.

If breakfast/lunch were random, dinner was randomer.  For full disclosure’s sake, I would like to mention that I’ve eaten 3-5 fruit gel candies without photographing today.  Equally junky was the snack I bought for class; I usually don’t eat during class but I was super hungry when I got to campus -


I never buy Snyder’s pretzels because I have zero self-control with those delicious nuggets but this vending machine find had a slightly more reasonable 2servings per bag.

After class Caroline asked if I wanted to grab dinner and do some review.  After wasting time all day it was the perfect opportunity to make up!  Plus, we got Wegman’s salad bar which you know I love.


Steamed broccoli,


roasted brussels sprouts (nowhere near as good as the ones I make at home, *mental note to make them soon*),


and curried tofu.


All pretty yummy.  I love that the curried tofu had raisins in it!

We got a lot done and I got home around 10.  It ended up being a semi-sucessful day.  My foot has been really hurting and favoring my other side has caused my right hip to hurt but I am hoping to make it to the gym for a run tomorrow.  I have a doctor’s appointment this Friday which we put me out of commission for at least a few days so I don’t want to fall too far behind.  I’m going to do some blog reading and then I need to hit the sack to rest up for tomorrow, night!

Do you like raisins in things?  I love them, I put raisins in salad, cookies, where ever I can fit them.

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