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Rambles and Updates

Posted Aug 18 2010 12:00am

Why hello there! I’m glad everyone seemed to like the eggplant creation.  And FYI- it’s just as good if not better (because the flavors had more time to blend?) as leftovers.  Surprised?  I was.

And I’m thankful I’m not the only one who feels like an idiot when it comes to trying to open plastic packaging.  I googled it, too.  According to wikihow, 6,000 people went to the hospital in 2004 trying to open this stuff!  Why can’t the company spring for a box?  I swear I’ll recycle it.  Either way- if you do find yourself taking on one of those demonic package, you can follow step-by-step instructions here .

Sorry- let’s get back on track, shall we?

Yesterday I finally got down to business with some strength training.  My workouts have been pretty cardio heavy as of late (hello, my name is Amy and I’m a cardio junkie)  and I was almost excited to completely switch it up.

I hit up my dvd collection.  Level 2 of The Shred and another resistance band workout.  Doing them one right after the other wasn’t much fun.  And I’ll likely not do it again.  I just got bored following along to the tv for that long.  Even though it did work up a sweat- and I felt great afterwards.  But I’ll still not do it again- and would rather do one or the other and then hit the workout room to finish up.

Besides, after doing Jillian, the other girl laughed just once and seemed like a pansy.  I need to separate the two ladies.  Asap.

Dinner was another new creation.  My recent obsession with sweet potatoes came into play with the fact that I need to use up some Trader Joe’s wraps before they get too old for my liking.  Sweet potato wrap, anyone?  It’s like a pinwheel!  I boiled and mashed the sweet potatoes as one layer, and also threw in black beans to bulk it up and make sure I get my protein for the day. ;)   The black beans are seasoned just with taco seasoning (which I highly recommend doing for a little kick).  I threw broccoli on the side as to make sure not all the veggies I had for the day were overly ”heavy”  I needed some light greens!  Partially because I liked the colors.  Sue me…

Any more wrap ideas that you can think of off the top of your head?  I’m starting to run low!

And may I direct your attention to the tabs at the top of the page?  I FINALLY added my 15k training plan I’m going to be attempting under the Racing Randomness page.  It’s a little more aggressive (in my opinion) than how my half marathon training plan was set up.  I mostly say this because it involves the speed work I’ve been inquiring about.  As a disclaimer, I am sure it is subject to change when I get into the routine and see how it’s going.  So stay tuned…

Also, I added another tab for any semi-new readers.  It clears up any confusion of things I may ramble about on a decently regular basis.  I would like to think it clears up any questions or saves you from sitting there on the other end going, “Wtf is up with this chick?  Seriously?”.

Happy Wednesday!  It is Wednesday, right?  Thank goodness.

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