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Raising Life Expectancy With a Healthy Diet

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:00am
Although the U.S. life expectancy has gone up, the data shows disturbing evidence that our diet choices continue to go down.  That includes a decrease in the number of fruits and vegetables consumed, on average, each day per person. The biggest reason we recommend Juice Plus+® is because it seems to be an action that most people are capable of fitting into their busy day, while picking fruits and vegetables or even taking the time to choose healthier foods, just doesn't seem to be an interest or priority. Here's more about the increased life expectancy, but the projection that this number will not go up anymore until our diet choices change for the better --

Life expectancy in the United States rose to an all-time high, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today. But that's only half the story. The country is behind about 30 others on this measure.

Though the United States has by far the highest level of health care spending per capita in the world, we have one of the lowest life expectancies among developed nations — lower than Italy, Spain and Cuba and just a smidgeon ahead of Chile, Costa Rica and Slovenia, according to the United Nations. China does almost as well as we do. Japan tops the list at 83 years.

And in an era where advances in medicine and better understanding of health issues should boost life expectancy significantly, the gains announced today were modest. U.S. life expectancy reached nearly 78 years (77.9) in 2007, the latest year for which data from death certificates has been compiled. That's up from 77.7 in 2006. Over the past decade, life expectancy has increased 1.4 years.

In fact, U.S. life expectancy gains may be pretty much over, as some groups — particularly people in rural locations — are already stagnating or slipping, explains LiveScience columnist Christopher Wanjek. Meantime, soaring rates of obesity and diabetes among children and adults, owing mostly to lousy diets and lack of exercise, portend depressing mortality rates to come. ( Read on... )

Comments: The best move we can make for increasing our longevity and improving our quality of life is to eat a healthier diet. A diet that includes plenty of raw, whole food fruits and vegetables is a sure to way to better health and to live longer.

Diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease and stroke, diabetes and cancer. Learn why eating fruits and vegetables is especially important, and how you can benefit from adding Juice Plus+® to your diet.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC

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