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Rain, rain go away

Posted Sep 29 2009 4:09pm
Seriously, could someone tell me where to find summer? It appears to be missing and I'm starting to be concerned.Despite the lack of sunshine, I had a lot of fun this week! It was great to keep up with the Fruit & Veggie Challenge and fill my plate with lots of fruit/veggie goodness!!

On Sunday, Joey & IBBQ'dand it was delightful. I had a veggie burger, with asparagus and a salad with house dressing (I made it with half the oil and it was still amazing!) from thereFreshcookbook.

For dessert we chomped on a plate of watermelon, which was juicy and ripe and lovely.

On Monday I made pork chops with beans and salad after Booty Camp before heading to a Broadway dance class - what a busy night!

Luckily this was a super easy dinner to prepare and I had everything ready to go. It provided me with enough fuel to make it through the night. I really enjoyed both classes.

We also had (my favourite) kale & asparagus stir fry with rice and cucumber slices. So yummy!

This week I discovered the joys ofquinoaporridge (inspired by Meals that Heal Inflammation). It was so easy to make and I loved the extras that were included (sometimes spices with almonds, cranberries and apple, another day it was banana) and it kept me full until lunch.

On Thursday I went out for dinner with Alicia and Vanessa to celebrate Alicia's 25thbirthday. We went for Greek (as we often do) I had the grilled veggiesouvlakiwith mixed veggies, rice and agreeksalad without feta (not shown)

It was a yummy meal and we really enjoyed ourselves chatting and catching up. Vanessa is heading to law school in September and Alicia is prepping to do her thesis so she can head to teacher's college next year. I am really proud of both of them!

Friday morning started off with some scrambled tofu.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy this. I think next time I will add more veggies. I think this would be awesome with mushrooms and peppers.

I decided to take a little adventure to the Annex for lunch. It started raining as soon as I got on the streetcar which really bummed me out. I got off atBloorand headed into Trove to scope out some dresses and accessories. When I came out (empty handed) the sun was shining! I was suitably impressed with the sudden change of events! On my adventure I went toBMVand scored used copies ofFresh at HomeandLaDolceVeganfor $8.99 each!! I felt so excited and lucky. I am such a big fan ofreFreshand my other cookbook bySarah Kramerso this was just awesome. I can't tell you how many of my cookbooks I have bought atBMV.

I used to visitKensingtonNatural Bakerywhen I was going to musical theatre school years ago. They offer a variety vegetarian food options as well as a ton of gluten free and wheat free baked goods. I brought my lunch back to the office. Rice noodles with peas & cashews and mixed veggies.

It was just okay. I wasn't particularly impressed and the tofu kind of scared me. (It looked like it had pores) I did pick up a gluten free cookie which was crunchy and yummy and it made up for the lacklustre lunch.

On Friday night we went to Lori's house for a little housewarming/jazz fest goodness.

Check out all the food!!
I spent the night enjoying her homemade guacamole and salsa with corn chips and a ton of veggies. I brought some of my carob cherry cookies and once Lori had told everyone how good they were everyone started digging in!! I had a really fun night chatting with Lori and her friends over fantastic food.

On Saturday night I headed to a going away party from my friend Jessie.

She is like a little sister to me. I "adopted" her in high school and we became very close. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, most intelligent people I know and while I'm sad that she's moving (to England to teach at an arts school!!) I am excited for her to have this amazing opportunity. Plus, it leaves me with a reason to go to England!

What a busy week!!! Up next week- last two boot camp sessions (with new measurements!), morebellydancingandzumba, some book reviews and the latest challenge for fruits and veggies - try a new fruit or vegetable!

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