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Rain, Rain and More Rain

Posted Aug 14 2012 8:01am
Good morning folks!

It's yet another rainy morning over here. It looks like Zeke and I will be trading in our usual morning walk for a quick run-outside-in-the-rain-and-go-pee session this morning. There are some benefits to all of this rain however. Take a look at all that green grass!

I wanted to try out something new for breakfast this morning. I picked up a box of Instant Cream of Wheat on our grocery shopping trip a few days ago and have been dying to give it a try. I loved eating Cream of Wheat as a kid, but I've always hated taking the time to cook it as an adult.

I chose the Cinnamon Swirl flavour and used two packets for breakfast. I also used a half water, half sugar combination to make it a little creamier.

I also used my brand new bee bowl and funky spoon that I picked up on my last trip to the Clovermead Bee Farm ! How adorable is it? And so fitting for my blog!

The Cream of Wheat was just okay. I wasn't a big fan of the flavour, it was super sweet and tasted like an artificial cinnamon bun. I'll give the other two flavours a try before giving my final verdict, but as of right now, I likely won't be buying it again.

Alright, time for me to get a move on! I have a very busy day ahead of me. I teach riding lessons in the morning, then have a short shift that will take up my entire afternoon. I'll do my best to blog at lunchtime, but it'll all depend when I can get out of the barn and how much time I have between instructing and leaving for work.

See you on the flip side!

What is your favourite type of hot cereal?
Do you prefer Cream of Wheat over oatmeal, or vice versa?
Would you ever try Instant Cream of Wheat?
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