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Rain Pain

Posted Oct 28 2009 12:00am

Afternoon fellow foodies!

Ugh, I had a morning that affirmed why I’m moving back to California next summer. Let’s just say this, people on NYC sidewalks are pretty jerky. It’s true. I’m jerky, too, when someone is in my way. Throw umbrellas and rain into that already frustrating setting and your head might just explode . (Don’t click the link if you’re squeamish)

After coming home, taking many deep breaths, and eating half of this super snack:IMG_0905

… I geared up for a nice workout. I bailed on running outdoors (lightning is a deal breaker for me), and actually ended up doing a fantastic 3 mile run/walk on the treadmill. It was weird, because I positively despise the treadmill most of the time, but I felt strong and full of Forest Gump ammo. It was also nice to clear my frustrations and thoughts while zoning out in my target-heart-rate zone.

I took a picture of my workout stats afterward with a camera phone:

Time: 35:01

Calories burned: 320

Distance: 2.94

Average Speed: 5.03 MPH

Average Pace: 11:55/mile

I then went on to do a quick circuit training session (2 Sets, 15 reps.) of:

Bicep Curls

Tricep Curls



Calf Raises

Shoulder Presses


25 Crunches (threw in 3  sets of 3 mini ones after between 5 full crunches)


A nice, looooonnnng stretch.

After coming home to a shower and ton of errands, I scarfed this down:


Tuna (Made w/Annie's Dijon Mustard) on Ezekiel Sprouted 7 Grain Bread, Edamame Sprinkled w/Kosher Salt, Glass of Skim Milk

And now, to proceed with work and a million other bits of business.

Until my next chew!

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