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Race Week! Again!

Posted Oct 30 2012 4:18pm

So legit I have run once since my race on October 14th. I have still worked out 3-4x a week but I haven’t been running! And I am running another halfie this Sunday in Hamilton. I had big plans for how I was going to train these past 3 weeks, but the weather and my stupid blister toes have put a damper on those plans. The only outdoor run I did was in the rain (because it won’t quit) and within 20 minutes my blisters were causing me trouble. I didn’t want to disturb them too much before the race, so I called the run quits pretty early. I actually ran to the indoor track  (which would save my feet) but when I arrived I unfortunately found out the track was closed for a special event. Boo! Hopefully I will get back there tomorrow just for an easy run, but at least a dry one!

I will obviously finish the race but they are once again calling for rain on race day, which means I will have all of the same race day issues I had two weeks ago. That said, I am going to use this week to prepare the same way I did earlier this month , and we will see how it goes. I’m still gunning for a sub 1:55 time.

’twas the night before race day…

’twas the morning OF race day…clearly trying to convince myself and you that I am ready.

This time I get to carbo-load with this gem I found at Whole Foods!

I also have to take this week to prepare for an upcoming business trip to Montreal. I’m leaving Monday morning (the day after the race) and I won’t be back until the following Sunday evening. I have some serious packing/food planning to do!

There is a pretty nice gym in the hotel we’re staying at, but it is going to be a PACKED hotel for our event, so I’m not sure I will get much use out of it. (But I will certainly try!) I’m sharing my hotel room so in-room workouts aren’t really an option but I will have to figure something out because my workouts will be key to keeping my sanity during this extremely busy week! Worst case I will hit the streets for a few runs.

Wish me luck!!!

How do you prepare for races?

What about business trips?








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