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Race Report: #RnRLV Part 1, Arriving in Vegas and the Expo

Posted Dec 08 2012 11:53am
Pretty much ever since I started running half marathons and found out there was one in Las Vegas, I have wanted to go and run this race.  Way back at the start of my running journey I thought it sounded so crazy to travel just for a run and I had no idea I would ever run enough that this would start to become something I did.  For the past few years there have been all kinds of reasons why the December half marathon in Las Vegas didn't fit in our schedules but this year it did and it was awesome.


Friday was one crazy day.  I am usually a last minute packer but the week seemed to be extra busy and it felt like I had insurmountable mountains of stuff to do on this Friday before we left.  I had shopping to do, groceries to buy, kids to organize for a weekend with the in-laws, household things to take care of, a race to pack for and heck, even an Elvis costume to make!  By the end of the day I got everything done but I wasn't feeling very confident about my costume.

I had been thinking about and planning how I would use regular running gear to create a cool Elvis running costume.  And in my head it looked perfect!  But would all of this sparkly white and gold crap I bought actually look like Elvis when all put together?

Would this turn out to be a craft project gone wrong?
I worked really hard on making a big sparkly belt buckle and applying the rhinestone/studded iron-ons to my tank top took way longer than it should have.  I wasn't totally sure how best to attach the cape to my shirt and that belt buckle just didn't look quite as Elvis-y when I tried everything on.  Sigh...

I went to bed feeling a bit overwhelmed and sucky that maybe the Elvis costume I had dreamed about all these months would be just that - sucky.


Luckily I had a great sleep and we woke up on Saturday chipper and ready to go.  I was looking forward to the race and my husband and I were both pretty excited to have a few days away for just the two of us.  No matter how comfortable you are with leaving your kids (and we totally are) you always kind of feel like you're sneaking away on your children and abandoning them, ha ha.  But we got over that by the time we got to the airport, we were excited to go have some fun!

Waiting at the airport (which was packed with other runners!)
 Our flight was fine and I was so happy to finally be there as we made that all too familiar drive from the airport to our hotel.  Our plan was to check in, find some lunch and head over to the race expo.  We stayed at the Aria which is our new favorite hotel there and they had some neat decorations in the atrium...

I like Christmas balls
The expo was being held at the Sands Convention space which is part of the Venetian/Palazzo property.  We wanted to have lunch at Grand Luxe cafe (owned by the Cheesecake Factory people and they have really big appies just perfect for lunch) but it was super busy.  We ended up at a new little Italian place and shared yummy things like calamari, caprese salad and proscuitto/arugula thin crust.  Yum.  It was kind of nice knowing I didn't have to be as careful as usual about my lunch and dinner the day before since I had so much more time to digest before the race.
I was a happy camper at the Expo!

After the expo we headed back out in the Canal Shoppes and did some shopping - our second favorite thing to do in Las Vegas.  We had dinner reservations at 8pm so we headed back to the hotel with enough time for a drink and a little nap before heading back out again.

Night-before cocktails should become part of my usual routine...
Dinner was at Capital Grille which is our favorite steak house in Vegas.  We actually hosted our wedding dinner in their private wine room and have had a soft spot for them ever since.  Dinner was amazing as usual and our waiter even surprised us with a yummy bruleed cheesecake which was probably the last thing I should have eaten the night before my race but it was so good I didn't want to waste it!

I can never say no to cheesecake...
When we got back to the hotel we crawled into bed to finish watching the movie we started on the plane but it wasn't long before I was snoring.  Travelling always makes for a tiring day and with all that shopping and yummy food too, I was pooped!
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