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Race Report: James Cunningham Seawall 9.5k

Posted Oct 30 2011 5:24pm

Yay, I finally get to post a race report!  It’s been awhile…

So today’s race was the James Cunningham Seawall Race and since it runs the Stanley Park seawall, it’s a bit of an oddball distance – 9.5km.  Seawall races are great because the whole way is nice and flat and the views are just so beautiful.  Unfortunately today it was super rainy and foggy, but it was still a scenic race route.

When I got downtown the rain seemed to have let up but, as I sat in my car and waited to go join the starting line, the skies opened up and it rained even harder!  It was awful.  Luckily I had brought lots of layering options, so I changed out of my warm long-sleeve and put on a more waterproof-ish outer layer instead. 

The downpour also meant some alterations to my costume.  After all of my research, I ended up planning to run as the devil.  Basically just a set of horns, a tail, a cape and a pitchfork, this has proven to be a very running-friendly costume in the past.  With the deluge of rain though, I decided to leave the cape and the pitchfork in the car and this is what I ended up running in (picture taken after I got home and warmed up though!):

IMG_2277 And yes, that sad little red arrow pointing down and away from my bum is actually supposed to be my devil’s tail.  I know, I know, I could have been a lot more creative with my running costume, but with the crappy rain, I’m glad I played it safe.  Heck, at least it was a bit more creative than my costume from Friday night’s party…

race Anyhow, back to the race.  About 4 minutes before the starting gun, I crawled out of my car and headed for the starting area.

Right from the start I was feeling really good today.  My goal for the race was to just get settled during the first 10 mins and then after that, try to keep up a steady pace.  Being my first race in so long, I didn’t really have a time goal, I just wanted to run well and not burnout partway through.

The halfway mark came awfully fast.  Before I knew it, we were already passing under the Lions Gate Bridge and I was still feeling okay.  With all of the cloud and fog, you can barely even see the bridge back there!

IMG_2276 Along the way, I kept making myself little “challenges”.  Just dumb things like to try and run harder until I passed the next landmark, or not to look down at my watch until after a certain corner.  I also tried to push myself to run a bit faster for the last couple of minutes before each walk break.  Sounds kind of dumb, but it helped stay focused.  Sometimes when I get tired I start watching my Garmin too closely and then the distance creeps by way too slowly.  Today that wasn’t an issue at all.

Somewhere around the 7km mark, I started to feel a bit of a twinge in my left hip.  I am suspecting a bit of a femoral nerve injury from my surgery because I’ve been having some pain and tingling in that area and I was bummed to feel it flare up during today’s run.  I dialled it back a tiny bit and the pain went away so luckily I was able to keep it under control.

Before I knew it, I glanced down and only had about 1km left to go.  I switched the ipod to a more upbeat song and decided to speed up for the rest of the way home.  I guess today I had moves like Jagger because I sailed across the finish line and got wicked high fives from both a life-size water bottle man and a woman dressed as a really messed up animal kind of thing.

According to Garmin, here’s what happened out there:

  • Total Distance: 9.6km
  • Total Time: 1:03:03
  • Avg Pace: 6:34/km

If I project that up to a full 10km, it would be just under 1:04 so I am going to use that as my time to beat in next month’s Ginger Jar 10km. 

So all in all, it was a great race.  A wet race, but a good one.  I didn’t really stick around afterwards because all I could think about was getting in the car and taking off my soaking wet socks!  I’m now home, feet up, nice and warm.  And as for my sad running costume?  Well, at least my Riley liked it!


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