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Race Report: 5 Peaks Cypress Mountain Trail Race

Posted Jul 26 2013 11:59am
Last weekend I made my second foray into technical trail running and ran the 5 Peaks Cypress Mountain Trail Race.  You may recall my first trail run was at the Alice Lake race of the same series and it was a blast.  Once I was sure I'd be in town that weekend, I happily signed up for the Enduro (long) course at Cypress Mountain knowing that a bunch of running friends would be there too.

As usual, I headed out early Saturday morning to meet up with Solana and drive to the trail with her and her husband Jay.  As we drove up there I was admittedly getting nervous because I hadn't exactly checked out the elevation profile and really knew nothing about this race other than the approximate distance, 14km.  A talented trail runner, I am not, so I was a bit nervous about how much climbing there might be!

When we got to Cypress swarms of bugs greeted us in the parking lot (yuck) but we headed off to get checked in and get our numbers.  I have a beautiful pair of Mizuno Ascend trail runners on their way to me but since I don't have them yet I decided to borrow another pair of Salomon trail shoes from the Salomon tent.  I still think it's really cool that they have shoes for runners to try out at these races - so awesome for newbies like me who don't yet have trail shoes of their own but who still want to have proper traction out on the trails.

They had a tough time finding a pair big enough for my monstrous feet but eventually I landed in this pair and I have to say, I loved the bright colours!  Clearly lots of other runners do too because there were quite a few bright shoes in our group!  I can't wait to get my Ascends and add them to the mix!

We had a little bit of time to hang out and visit before the races started.  I always enjoy this time to chat with everyone and get to know more people in this trail running community which is very new to me.  I also ran into some friends from our Run Club who were there for the sport course and also had their little daughter running in the kids race too.

From top to bottom, left to right: Solana, Mariah, Jay, Alanna, Jeff & Dianna
Alanna, Dianna, myself and Mariah smiling at the start
nice way to warm up on a trail run because it's a fun and not-too-challenging way to settle in.  Right away I started chatting with my friends and the others around me and we carried along.  I ended up losing Dianna pretty much right away (you gotta watch out for her, she says she's slow but she's really quite speedy!) and then I lost Alanna on one of our first big downhill stretches.
Another pic borrowed from Alanna's report (thanks!)

  1. Have fun!
  2. Finish the race
  3. Finish at 4th from last or better (I was 4th from last at Alice Lake)
I ended up with an official time of 2:13 and change so I a) finished the race b) definitely had fun and c) came in 4th from last again so I guess I made that goal too.  We hung around for a little while before heading off for Solana's house and some pool time.

We had a quick stop at the Salomon store in West Van to pick up free buffs they were giving out if you showed your race bib.  We then made our way to Solana's place for a yummy BBQ lunch and lots of time to relax in the sun.

The pool wasn't quite an ice bath but it still felt good on my very sore legs from trudging up all those hills.  I could tell I'd be sore the next morning which was unfortunate because our clinic run was 19km the next day (despite the soreness, it turned out just fine though!)

After everyone left Solana and I hung out a bit longer, tired from the race and all the sun.  So what else would two tired girls do?  Go out for sushi to cap off the day, of course!  We had a great dinner at Solana's favorite sushi place and it was the perfect end to a very long, tiring but fun day.

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