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Race Recap: Madison Mini Half Marathon 2013

Posted Aug 24 2013 10:15pm
Welp, looks like AHL has been diminished to a blog capturing my incessant need to talk about my races and only my races. In my defense, this is my blog so I get to do whatever I want. scary.

The Madison Mini was my first race in over two months. That's a long stretch for me. obsessed with racing comes to mind. But I did get married and honeymooned and all of that so racing was set to the side. excuses excuses.

On to the actual Madison Mini 2013 race recap. hallelujah. 
Nice little setup for the expo and a great shirt. Pic coming as soon as I wear it. I went with my girl, Angela, and while she was signing herself up for a free hat another half marathon I was buying what will very likely be my Berlin Marathon shorts. special things happen at expos.

Angela also won a free pair of socks. lucky! Me? Nothing. typical. 

All in all the event was decent. We stopped by the Fellow Flowers booth and bought some flower power . Umm, parking sucked. We found a semi-legal spot and it worked well because we didn't get towed but parking still sucked. Move in week for students does not make parking downtown Madison anything but a suckfest. 

Everything was going peachy until I was about a mile from my parking ramp. My stomach decided to throw a party. a naughty party. I started searching for portapots but couldn't find any.... DUN DUN DUN. This is the stuff us runners talk to each other about but rarely mention on the interwebs. I say rarely because well, here I go...

I was seconds from squatting in a parking ramp when I saw a dude in his car three stalls down. not my shining moment. So, instead I pulled myself together and started running.

And that feeling, that horrible horrible feeling, stopped. so, naturally, I kept running. 

I had on some warm throw-away clothes (big oversized sweatshirt and flannel pants) when some random guy asked me why I was still in my pajamas. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here winning at life. 

I finally found a toilet. No need to elaborate further. thank you god.

I chilled with a couple cool cats in our corral waiting for the start. Yes, I'm an Alliteration Goddess. And yes, I just said corral. This is the 5th year of the Madison Mini and the first year they tried start corrals. Tried and succeeded. Thumbs up, Madison Mini. 

The start was a bit congested but nothing to complain about. There were great aid stations with tons of volunteers and YUMMY Gatorade Series Pro 02 Perform at each station (along with water). Gatorade Perform has two times the sodium of the Gatorade Thirst Quencher Series. Sodium and I work well together in distance running... so I was thrilled to taste this delicious drink of the heavens during the 13.1. 

This is a hilly course. don't kid yourself. Please consider this my official apology if you were one of the many runners that passed me in miles 1-3 and ate my dust as I passed you hitting your wall at mile 11. sorry mates. Pacing is huge for this half. 
my pretty face. and my new brooks shorts!
Speaking of pacing... this half runs the WRONG direction through the beautiful arboretum. Run it the opposite direction and you descend more than you TRUDGE UP HILL AFTER HILL. wisconsin is not flat. I leeched onto a couple runners pacing roughly 10 seconds faster than I wanted to run at that time. This is a trick I use quite frequently in races to push myself. The last hill in the arboretum they were left in my dust. my humility is flowing.

And then I had .1 of a mile left. I should've been feeling tired and ready to be done but I was going for extra credit. I was tired, ready to be done, and about to toss my cookies. It was like running in quicksand for the last tenth. 

I crossed at 2:00:29 (I believe. I'm too lazy to look it up.)
yes, it's upside down. i fail.
Yes, 2 hours and change. If only I could've pushed it... just kidding. I'm happy with this time. I was in a major fist fight with her highness, The Half Marathon, before this race. I can now happily report that we had a long two hour chat in which she apologized and I apologized. We're again the bff's we were only a year ago. 

p.s. They had great post-finish food and drink. Bananas, cookies, granola bars, popcorn, water, chocolate milk, and beer. one free beer to all my drinking runner friends. 

I think that's quite enough of the longest race recap ever. A little over a month and I'll be in Berlin, Germany running 26.2. beyond excited. 
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