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Race Day Eats

Posted Apr 24 2013 6:30am
Hello Wednesday!  As I love to do after a race, I'm going to recap my race day eat s from Saturday's Lake Minneola Half Marathon .  Plus since it's Wednesday I'll be linking up over at Peas & Crayons.

If you missed yesterday's post check out " How to Find Your Happy Weight ". I think we all struggle with negative thoughts about our weight sometimes, and I want to know what you think......and now to a post where I eat a lot.  Like 3,000 calories a lot.

My race morning started in a new place - AT HOME! This is the first half marathon where I was able to sleep in my own bed.  My pre-race meal was a toasted french toast bagel with peanut butter with coffee.
During the race I downed a mocha Gu at mile 7. I usually fuel my runs with sport beans, but I find Gu's are faster for races.

I'm not really sure what I ate immediately after the race.  Is that weird? There was so much going on with us figuring out if/why the course was short .  I had a few bites of an unripe banana and my much needed Nuun.
Have you heard about the new Nuun flavors? Watermelon, lemonade, and cherry limeade. Love the lemonade! (psst I have  Nuun cocktail recipe to share with you soon!)
On the drive home from the race Megan and I split an unpictured muscle milk, because I insisted our bodies needed protein.  I also had some nut thins at home.

Our post race lunch was at the always fabulous Yellow Dog Eats .  I devoured this pulled pork BBQ chicken salad.  If you are ever in West Orlando you must go to the yellow dog.  Just do it for me.
After lunch I had a much needed nap.  Kyle and I had no real plans for the night, so I figured we would go out to a nice dinner somewhere.  So I let him choose.  The man picked Ruth's Chris.  He has some fancy taste buds, but we did have a $125 gift card.

We started our meal with some warm bread, Malbec, and I opted for the tomato and crab soup.  The soup was cream free and filled with large pieces of sweet crab.
My entree was amazing!  I ordered the Chilean Sea Bass puttanesca.  The buttery fish was in a salty blend of tomatoes, capers, and olives.  It was hard, but I managed to save half for lunch the next day and it was just as good.  It's in my top 2 seafood dishes that I've ever had. For our sides we had streamed asparagus, green bean casserole, and Kyle ate a plain baked potato with his steak.
Now here's where it gets crazy.  Crazy!  Our waiter saw that we were enjoying our wine (duh!) and he asked if we ever did dessert wine pairings.  "Why no I have not kind sir, please enlighten me."  And he did.
Our dessert included creme brulee with a sweet dessert wine and a very rich flourless chocolate cake with a sparking strawberry wine.  On it's own the cake was super rich, but the strawberry wine cut right through and was a perfect match.  It was heavenly.

Looking back it was a great day of eats.  And that's why my grocery shopping this week looked like this What's your favorite restaurant entree?

Love and calorie kings,
Carissa & Kyle
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