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Rabbits Get A Lot Of Tail

Posted Nov 01 2010 12:00am

This blog post is my entry for Project Tasteless’ Challenge # 2: Pizza Tricks for Treats .

The only requirement was that you create a pizza inspired by your Halloween costume.

My costume was a little lame, but my pizza recipe is spooktacular (that’s a good thing)!  Sexy Holy-crap-it’s-freezing-outside Bunny anyone?

Hey, it was cheap, allowed me to stay warm, and in leu of my ability to wriggle my nose I shook my tail all evening.

Sidenote – if anyone enters this contest as Sexy Chewbacca please just withdraw my entry Rachel, I’d rather not be a part of that.

My pizza was definitely more impressive.

Brick-Oven* Bunny Tale**, anyone?

* this was not prepared in a brick oven, but I image if you had one at your disposal that’d be great

**no bunnies were harmed in the making of this blog post

I went the personal pizza, store-bought crust route, but you could do any number of things with this recipe.  Homemade dough would be an upgrade, store-bought honey mustard would be a downgrade, but really you can’t go wrong.  Instead of specific measurements I’ll just give you the basics.

Soften some shredded carrots by sauteing over low heat in a bit of butter.

Whip up some bunny mustard using 1-part honey to 3-parts dijon mustard.  Spread on your chosen crust in a thin, even layer.

Top with carrots and small pieces of baby spinach.

Add a few bunny tales (fresh mini mozzarella balls) and bake according to dough directions.  If your crust needs a long time in the oven I would precook for a bit so as not to heat the mozzarella for more than 10minutes.  Balls can only take so much heat.

Nibble daintily and twitch nose with pleasure.  Or go at it like Sexy Chewy, your call.

The flavors and textures on this ended up being perfect; a little spicy, a little sweet, gooey, and chewy.  The mini mozzarellas were perfect, you won’t miss the greasy layer of cheese at all.  Although I did end up stealing a piece of the husband’s extra cheesy tuna slice, for quality control purposes.

Being in the Halloween mood and all, we had to round out dinner with some candy.

I’ve seen this on some many blogs that I have no idea whom to link back to, but suffice to say that homemade peanut butter cups were not my idea.

They certainly were a good idea though.

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