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Posted Dec 04 2012 7:52am
8 Years ago today, I lost my mom, Annerose. She faught a hard battle with cancer and unfortunately she lost.

I thought I would dedicate my blog post to my mom. I'll get back to my regular programming tomorrow.

My mom was a wonderful woman. Wherever she went, she was respected and liked. Oh I'm sure she must have had some enemies but to be honest, I never came across them.

My mom immigrated to Canada from Germany with her parents when she was just a young child. She lived through WWII. I can only imagine what that must have been like. Imagine I say? Yes, because my mom had such a positive outlook on life that she never spoke of how difficult that time must have been.

When she was older, she flew back to Germany for a family/friend visit and crossed paths with my father. Now this story I love! My mom and dad went to school together and like all kids back then, they were in the same class. Although my mom always had short hair, when she was young she had long hair that she would braid into two pigtails. My dad loved pulling on her pigtails which drove my mom crazy! Anyways... when my mom flew back to Germany that one time, she was visiting one of her friends where my dad was painting. You see, my dad is a professional painter. Back to my story... My mom found him so cute that SHE asked him out. My mom went after what she wanted :-)  At the end of her visit, she returned to Canada and my dad stayed in Germany. A few weeks later, my flew back to Germany and asked my dad to marry her. They lived for one year in Germany and then they both immigrated to Canada where they started their new life together.

My mom loved gardening, reading, and knitting. In the summer months, you could either find her puttsing around in her flowerbeds or sitting under the tree in the shade reading a book.

My mom had a HUGE heart. She would always be there to help when you needed it and she would always have just the right words to comfort you when you needed it.

It's too bad that my daughter will never get to know this great woman. I hope I will pass on the strength and determination that my mom had on to my daughter.

I love you mom xxx
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