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QVC Recap!!!

Posted Jul 14 2012 4:38am

Hey POPsters!

Thanks so much for your support on today’s QVC airing showing my fave noodles, Miracle Noodle  - a zero calorie, zero carb, gluten free, vegan shirataki noodle! You can watch the whole segment here .

OMG I didn’t think I’d be nervous but right before the cameras turned on, my heart was beating out of my chest!!! It’s one thing to be making FOOD Bites videos for BlogilatesTV but it is a whole ‘nother thing to be doing it on national TV LIVE. I must say, major props and respect to my host Sharon for making me feel more comfortable! All in all, it was a great experience – let me share with you my photostory.

Arrived at QVC HQ. Greeted by pretty flowers and a huge Q. Nice.

I decided to wear a bright yellow dress I bought from Urban Outfitters and a big belt to cinch in my waist. My necklace and earrings are from Fossil and my shoes are from Report.

About 15 min before my airing, I got to see the prepared foods that the professional food stylists made. Wow, doesn’t this Miracle shrimp pad thai look amazing!!??

Black bean Miracle Mexican rice and Strawberry Miracle rice parfait!!! Mmmmmm…

Backstage I ran across a Kind Bar setup…

A fried pickles plate…

And a scrumptious cake display!

Then it was time. Time to get on. They mic’d me up, put a caller thingy in my ear so I could listen to calls if we had any, and then I got walked “on stage.” Oh the excitement!!!!

Here I am with Sharon on FOOD FEST. She’s eating the Miracle Chicken Alfredo! Looked so good. I def wanted some, but I had to keep cooking. Hahaha. The noodles were so long – she had a little trouble getting some into her mouth for a taste! Thank you to Kylie on Facebook for this pic!

It was really cool talking about a product that I’ve been eating and cooking with frequently – something I believe in and love. I hope I did ok! You can watch the whole segment here . (I just watched this for the first time and nearly pulled my hair out at some parts – ha!) There’s a funny 10+ sec where I have major issues getting the noodles onto the plate to serve Sharon and another part where she has to pull the noodles out of her mouth with her hand. LOL – oh well – at least nothing blew up right!!? Everything looked so delicious and also tasted fantastic. Thank you to Regina on Facebook for this pic!

I also want to congratulate my friend, unofficial mentor, and owner of Miracle Noodle, Dr. Jonathan Carp for his product’s first debut on QVC. It is a dream for many business owners and entrepreneurs to get their goods on here and only a select handful ever get the chance. If you ever watch Shark Tank, you’d know that all the sharks ever talk about is how they can promise success and major growth through an appearance on QVC. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for these shirataki noodles with you guys and well, after yesterday, with America! Jonathan inspires me everyday to be a better entrepreneur I hope one day I can have my bags on here too!

After the whole 7 minutes of food frenzy, it was over. It was over so quick!!! I wanted to say so much more and I also wanted to eat much more…hahaha. Next time I guess?? The Miracle Noodle team and I had dinner and then I made sure to eat a REAL PHILLY CHEESESTEAK!!!!! Remember when I was here last time ? I promised you I would eat a cheesesteak next time since I wouldn’t be on a vegan diet. So I did it! This is the one from Pat’s and it was made with onions and cheese whiz. Good, but not great. I like hoagies better I think.

I am leaving for SF tomorrow. This travel is killing me. Better get a little rest in before the trip. I will prob just sleep the whollleeee way. Next time, I think I will also take a day off to visit some of my friends on the East Coast like Bex and Sarah .

Love you guys! How do you think I did? Have you tried Miracle Noodles?

<3 Cassey

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