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Quotables, Clarifications, and Quarter Life Crises

Posted Feb 20 2010 4:38am

And I’m back.  Yesterday, I was having a blogging identity crisis, so I chose to take the day off.  Instead, I did what I soothes my soul and snuggled with the pup and read.

First off, for those of you who don’t already read Meg’s blog over at Be Fit, Be Full, you should go check her out!  And also, go check out a guest post I did yesterday over there on Fitting It All In.  Thanks again to Meg for letting me guest post!

Secondly, just to add a little levity to the weekend, I would like to share with you the most baffling quote I heard in court yesterday: “So, this is an egg pregnant with an answer that might grow to become a yes.”  What this means, heavens knows.  Also, I’m pretty sure eggs cannot be pregnant too.

And going along with baffling court quotes containing pregnancy references, this was a gem from a few days ago: “He is a son from a previous pregnancy.”  Note: lady was not pregnant, therefore she was not differentiating said kid from kid in utero.  And, really, aren’t all children from previous pregnancies?  Even children that you do not birth yourself are from someone else’s previous pregnancy.

You know, honestly, for a job where I deal with really depressing situations all day, I do have the chance to laugh a whole lot.

And lastly, thanks to all y’all on your wonderful posts about the third fur child.  Unfortunately, it is currently still a financially negligent decision to bring another lovely into my life.  I’m aiming for an adoption date of late September 2010.  I’m not sure adding four more legs into the household is a good idea while training for my ironman.  But, yes, I do already have the name picked out (Thurgood)…which is a little more obvious namesake than Brennan.  But, given that they are named in tandem, can any legal geeks out there tell me what my pet legal topic is?

And because I’m a super legal geek and despite the fact that almost no one will appreciate this, I will share with you my one secret dream.  I’ve always wished that JP and Ruthie would have had a cute son for me to marry.  Or just that they would have kids together.  Or, now that I am sadly grandparentless, that they would be surrogate grandparents.  I’m kind of obsessed.

I know this post is all over the place, but, I’m about to go leave for my last ridic long run before the marathon, and 22 milers make me a little crazy.  But, I’ll see you on the flip side of 3+ hours of running.

Oh and ps. My fabulous cuz just started a blog about eating in and around Durham, NC, so for those of you up in the triangle area (and those not) check her out at Girls with Guts.

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