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Quinoa This and Quinoa That

Posted Mar 05 2012 9:46am

Last night after the movies, I came home and immediately started to cook dinner.

I bought this new to me product a while ago but have yet to use it, so last night was the night.


Pasta made out of corn and quinoa, interesting.

I cooked it with boiling water, just like regular pasta, and then drained it and cooled it with cool water. I stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes to get it to cool off.

You’re probably thinking why is this weirdo trying to cool off pasta, but I wanted to make a pasta salad out of it.


I mixed some olive oil, lemon juice, and ginger and threw it on top of the pasta. It was SUPER tangy, so I added some parmesan cheese and a bit of balsamic dressing. Much better!

It was a good change to have some cold pasta instead of always having it hot.


I had it along side some tilapia and green beans. I was very impressed with this pasta, loved it.

A little while after dinner, I got in the kitchen again and made some carrot cake protein bars to have for the week.



I’ve made them before but with applesauce and loved them, so I’m sure they will be even better with the baby food.


I woke up to no alarm clock again which was amazing. I’m not working out till later tonight, so I decided to have a nice leisurely breakfast.


I didn’t even realize it till I was eating it that this is my second time having quinoa in 24 hours.

I’ve never had quinoa flakes, so I just made them with a cup of water and in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.

I decided to make them sweet instead of savory, so I mixed them with about 1/3 C. Greek yogurt, cinnamon, and stevia. I threw that mixture into an empty nut butter jar, and voila!



It was definitely different… Can’t say I’m in love with the flakes just yet, but it takes some time for things to grow on me. This breakfast was pretty good though!

Remember sunbutter? I didn’t like it the first time I tried it but ended up liking it by the end of the jar.

Anyway, I’m off for the day! Happy Monday Smile


Are you a fan of quinoa? If so, favorite way to eat it?

Favorite thing to eat in the morning?

What does your Monday consist of?

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