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Quick Review: Women's Health Train for Your Body Type

Posted Feb 28 2010 12:00am
Don't get me wrong, my first love is Notre Dame football. I grew up watching the Irish and I can't remember a time I didn't root for them. Since 1993 remains the best season I can remember (I was in the fourth grade at the time), a girl has got to have a second string of teams. Teams you root for when ND isn't playing and won't play anytime soon.

Since I can't stand Bobby Bowden, I have taken great joy in rooting for Florida whenever I happened to come across a game on TV. Enter Tim Tebow. I've been his fan since the 2007 Kentucky game.

Now note I say fan...just fan. I in no way think the guy walks on water. I've always loved his passion for the game and well... his big blue eyes, too. (Cough...He's only five years younger than me.) That being said 2009 was bit of a love/hate year with him. I hated being told college football as we knew it would end without him. I really hated not only seeing Florida lose to Alabama, but seriously the crying?

Yes, I know a football game is often more than just a game. Had it been a close heart breaker the tears would have been justified. But lets face it. Florida just kind of gave up the second half. You don't cry then. A few weeks later I spent most of the Sugar Bowl nodding along with the commentators who pulled apart his throwing motion and declared he wouldn't make it in the NFL.

Have I had a change of heart? Not really. It's just that Tebow is again showing why I root for him...the grit, determination, and the willingness to push to the next level. Does that mean I think he's a first round draft pick? Eh. I'd rather see him go in the second or third round to a team that will bench him for a year or two. He pays attention. Stays out of the spotlight. And eventually gets his day to prove what he's learned. Getting picked up by the Jags in the first round is a dead end.

So after a rather long's the Tebow moment of the day . Gotta love a guy who can hit a more than nine foot broad jump.
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