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question on smoking

Posted by Sunny

i want to know what could do to stop drug consumption?is it a habbit that could be difficult to abandon?please i need answers .







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Sorry, I'm not clear what you're asking.  If you want to know if it's difficult to quit smoking, the answer is yes, for most.  A few can just decide one day to quit and walk away forever.  Others will struggle.

There are some prescription medications that your family physician can offer to help you deal with the cravings.  Or you can try over-the-counter nicotine gum & patches.

Others have turned to hypnosis and acupuncture with varying degrees of success.  The most important thing is to keep trying again and again and again.

On the question of drug consumption, it all depends upon which drug you're trying to quit.  Narcotics (pain pills) and others shoud be tapered off under the supervision of your family physician.  Illicit drugs may require a specialized detoxification facility to help you withdraw.  

Good luck!  You can do it! 


 I believe you are asking what you could possibly do to stop smoking? If this is correct, I learned several methods in my health psychology course that people use to try to achieve this task. There are support groups, conferences, patches, gum, medicines, & more to help people stop. However,  people are statistically shown to show the best results when they decide to stop smoking on their own, without the assistance of the above mentioned products. Sometimes it can take several tries, but it is important to be sure that if you slip and smoke while trying to quit to note that it is a mistake and not let this turn into a relapse. I hope this helps! 

Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to stop. If there was an easy way to stop, patches, medications, gum etc wouldn't be needed. However, with determination and patients I have no doubt you can accomplish your goal!  

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