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Quasi mother late pregnancy action will need to adjust

Posted May 30 2013 3:38pm
  The mother into the third trimester, bodily form change is very big, the fetal weight also led to the expectant mother spine deformation, bending over to stand all need adjustment method. I don't know what to do?
  How to bend over in late pregnancy:
  Six months after the baby's weight will give her spine pressure is very great, and back pain caused by pregnant women. Therefore, should avoid as far as possible should be bending over action, so as not to cause excessive burden of spine. hermes bags outlet  If pregnant women need to pick up something from the ground up, the abdomen will hamper the back bending action, so the action should not only slowly leaned forward slightly, but also the first bend the knee and the weight distribution of the body to the knees. Pregnant women should clean the bathroom or shop sofa, sofa bed would also like to take this action.
  Late pregnancy how to stand up:
  Pregnant women often feel side more comfortable, in order to let the body weight distribution more uniform, preferably in the knee pad pillow. cheap birkin bags  If you feel numbness or kidney pain, can be on the side of the cushion pillow, which can avoid the back bending. If two or three months pregnant women and fairly easily, then got up and slowly ordered to do the action, so as to avoid excessive tension of abdominal muscle. cheap hermes purses  Back up the pregnant women before sideways, shoulders forward, bend your knees, and then use the elbow support the body, cross-legged, so that the legs moved away from the bed and sat up.
  Late pregnancy to stand:
  If pregnant women work needs to stand for a long time, it will slow down the leg blood circulation, resulting in swelling and varicose veins. Soon when the mother of pregnant women must periodically make yourself a rest, sitting in a chair, with her feet on the bench, Cheap hermes belt  which is conducive to the blood circulation and relax back. If there are no conditions to sit, then choose a allows the body to the most comfortable posture standing, activity in the corresponding muscles. For example, contraction of the hip, will realize the abdominal muscles support spinal sensory. Pregnant women often want to straighten the back with a belly, it will cause terrible pain. Therefore, need long time standing in pregnant women, Hermes shoes women  to promote blood circulation can try to shift focus from toe to heel, from leg to leg.
  How to remain seated during late pregnancy:
  Pregnant women the correct posture is to back against the chair back, when necessary, cheap hermes jewelry  can also rely on kidney in place to put a small pillow. If the pregnant woman is sitting in a work, it is necessary from time to time to look around, because it will help blood circulation and can prevent hemorrhoids. If pregnant women office or on the computer workload, preferably at least every hour to relax the following.
  Late pregnancy how to walk:
  Walking is good for pregnant women, it can enhance the leg muscle tension, prevent varicosity, and strengthen the abdominal muscles. But once the feeling of fatigue, immediately to stop, cheap louboutin shoes  find the nearest the stool to sit down and rest for 5-10 minutes. If there are no conditions to take a walk in the park, you can choose the traffic situation is not too intense street, to avoid excessive inhalation of automobile exhaust pollution. In walking posture body to keep upright, shoulders relaxed. Should choose comfortable shoes for a walk before, with low with, palm loose as well.
  Late pregnancy how to ride a bus:
  If the pregnant woman to ride the train to travel long distances, on the seat and sat for hours is harmful to the body. red bottom shoes on sale  So on the train is also necessary to stand up and walk around in the carriage walk, to facilitate blood circulation. Take the trolley buses, buses and subways to pregnant women, their bodies and unborn children, don't be ashamed to find a seat, because the brakes will make you lose balance and fall. In addition, to the car comes to a complete stop to get off. And by car pregnant choice is relatively large, cheap christian louboutin pumps  can choose the most comfortable seat, back on the sofa seat or lie down can; if you feel tired, he stopped the car rubbed his feet.
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