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Quality Medical Transcription Services for Hospitals and Medical Practices

Posted Oct 13 2012 9:33am

Timely transcription of medical dictations is important with regard to providing suitable patient care as well as streamlining your medical records. Healthcare practices should ideally maintain accurate and updated medical records in easy to retrieve file formats. Quality medical transcription services are beneficial for hospitals and medical practices, as these would make the entire medical record documentation process more efficient. All important healthcare reports will be properly organized in convenient document formats.

Reduce Documentation Workload in Your Medical Office

Transcription of medical dictations is a lengthy procedure, and has to be completed with great accuracy. Medical reports are important documents that come with patient history and all the details of major treatment procedures provided. These documents are required for future reference as well. Therefore, any sort of transcription errors can be crucial. Medical professionals most often do not get the time to complete the documentation procedures on time amidst their hectic healthcare activities. Obtaining support from professional medical transcription companies would be a more practical option for busy hospitals and other healthcare practices looking to get the transcription work done on a regular basis. Considering the specific requirements of multi-specialty hospitals, small to large clinics, and other medical practices, many leading US based medical transcription outsourcing companies provide top-quality and affordable solutions. These companies provide transcription services for all major medical specialties including Allergy and Sleep Medicine, Anesthesiology, Hematology, Immunology, Nephrology, Neurology, Pain Management, Radiology, and more.

Medical transcription services help reduce your documentation workload leaving you free to focus on your core competencies. These services also ensure many additional benefits such as:

  • Reduce transcription backlogs
  • Maintain error-free medical reports
  • Easy to retrieve and update patient records
  • Save on operational costs needed to maintain transcription experts and other supporting staff, as well as advanced software and infrastructure to perform in-house transcription
  • Minimize bulk paperwork within the practice
  • Avoid additional expenses required to provide employee benefits such as paid vacation time, health insurance, payroll taxes and more
  • Enhance staff efficiency and overall functionality of the practice

Accurate Transcripts for all Medical Dictations

Most established medical transcription companies are fully equipped with innovative systems for dictation, transcription and distribution. They have advanced software tools, experienced medical transcriptionists, proofreaders and quality control experts. The transcriptionists in these firms have excellent language skills, and in-depth knowledge in specialty specific terminology. They can provide quality and accurate transcripts for any type of medical records including:

  • History and physical examination reports
  • Progress notes
  • Procedure notes
  • Operative reports
  • Narratives
  • Follow-up notes
  • Clinic notes
  • Laboratory reports
  • Consultation reports
  • Referral letters, and many more

Moreover, the transcribed documents are carefully verified by proofreaders and quality control experts to ensure 99% accuracy in all transcripts.

Service Highlights

Reliable medical transcription services from experienced companies have the following features:

  • Convenient, flexible, dictation facilities - digital recorders and toll free dictation
  • Complete data security, privacy and confidentiality
  • Secure uploading of voice files and retrieval of reports
  • Web-enabled document flow management interface
  • Transfer of files through FTP or browser based transfer
  • 128-Bit SSL file encryption, integrates with EMR systems, multiple file transfer options
  • Real-time transcription progress reports
  • Competitive pricing with savings up to 30% to 40%
  • Minimum turnaround time
  • No obligation free trial facility
  • Client support round the clock

For Comprehensive Solutions

It is obvious that quality medical transcription services would certainly help healthcare entities restructure the workflow of the practice and enhance its efficiency. So, when planning to outsource transcription jobs, hospitals and other medical practices can partner with a reputable medical transcription company, to enjoy comprehensive and budget-friendly solutions.

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