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Posted Jun 14 2013 9:42am
Picture I've been chomping to report about the latest training I did on Sunday.  I was too pooped to actually do it justice  Sunday evening, and then I've had some really spotty internet lately which has slowed me down.  It's amazing how dependent we (especially bloggers!) are on pesky technology.  Finally, I am able to sit down and share about the QiFORZE Master Class I attended and the upcoming program.  I'm really excited about this hot, new fitness craze that is just now hitting the gyms across the country.  It's even more exciting to be a part of the start of something so energizing and fun!

Basically, QiGNITION, under the direction of Leigh Crews, has introduced the QiFORZE class. It is a different and unique pre-choreographed muscular strength program/class that emphasizes functional fitness moves.  These moves train our bodies to be able to continue doing the moves we do in everyday life.   Every day we perform tasks such as open car doors, push grocery carts, lift children, move boxes or laundry baskets, balance and walk over curbs or up steps.   QiFORZE uses all of the three dimensional planes and the push/pull of movement in a 55 minute class to strengthen our bodies in these multi-planar moves so we can continue to stay strong throughout our lives. 

QiFORZE uses pre-choreographed moves and original music that was made in layers to fit the moves exactly as choreographed so that the beat is strong and energizing.  This is new for me as I have always taught classes in a "freestyle" type of format.  However, going through the Master QiFORZE class I see how there is room and freedom in this format.  It follows a Hard, Harder and Hardest element to moves that allows the class to make the workout their own.  If there is a move that needs a modification, believe me, it's there!  Plus, there's room to grow and improve as the class becomes more familiar with the moves and music and each person becomes stronger. Even better, throughout the class, at the end of certain songs, there are also QiChallenges that allow the class to really up the energy, and give a move 110%.  

The original music is really the energizer in the room - along with a good instructor, of course!  Each soundtrack is personally crafted by Grammy Award winning composer and producer Kike Santander.   The Master class was lead by a local fitness instructor and choreographer, Marianne Baker, of the Concourse Athletic Club.  Talk about energizing and inspiring!  You can read about all of her awesomeness here .  Talk about boundless energy!  I don't think she slowed down or sat down all day long!

It was really a fun day.  When I first began teaching aerobics and exercise classes I did workshops and trainings quite often.  Fast forward to a job, husband and three children and it becomes a bit more difficult to make the time for a full day off for training!  I am a group fitness lover at heart.  It is my very favorite format to lead and also in which to participate, especially with an energizing instructor.  I love the energy, atmosphere and feel like I learn something new each and every time I lead AND take a group class!  I have a lot to learn with QiFORZE and I'm so up for the challenge!  In fact, the hardest part of the 7 hours working together with other instructors was the "teach-back" segment.  We split up into two groups and had 20 minutes to learn a song and then TEACH it back to the instructors.  Talk about nerve wracking!   

 QiFORZE is going to be a great element to add to your fitness routing.  I'm excited about adding it to some of my current classes and leading such an awesome workout.  I understand it will hit the TV in the Fall, so if you don't find it in a gym near you it will be available in your own living room in the near future!

To give you a taste, here's a little teaser! Check it out!

What about you?  Group Exercise or solo?  Combination of both?  Ever left a class because of the instructor?

Enjoy your day! Hydrate - it's hot out there!
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