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Qi Gong

Posted Jun 18 2012 12:13pm Qi Gong

I was stranded on a patch of rug in the basement on Sunday afternoon after mopping Matt and myself into that spot. My furry nephew Ruxin was staying with us and he felt it necessary to mark his territory in various locations so I had to mop the entire place from top to bottom (although, the house was long overdue for a mopping anyway).

Had I thought it through, I would have eqipped myself with a book beforehand to avoid the boredom of watching Sunday afternoon television. I suppose there are worse things than watching This Old House.

Matt flipped it to 56-3, the Detroit PBS Create station, and there were about 5 minutes left in a Qi Gong programme so I decided to join in.


It was almost instantly calming (though I’ll admit that the fact that I had a squeaky clean househad something to do with that too).

I know nothing about Qi Gong except that often I see an older Asian couple doing it in a nearby park at sunrise. It almost seems as if it is a moving meditation. I’m going to have to look into it more and maybe download a video or something. I liked the serenity I felt in the few minutes of doing it.

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