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Q: I had prostrate cancer,can i still take Andropause.

Posted Feb 10 2013 3:00am
Someone asked the above question on my Facebook Andropause page.  Well, the simple answer is "No" but only because the semantics aren't correct.   Andropause is the laymen's term for clinical hypogonadism or low testosterone .  So in that sense, you can't take a diagnosis.

However, men with localized prostate cancer who are also hypogonadal may be candidates for testosterone supplementation if they're closely monitored by their urologist, oncologist, and family physician.  As I've noted previously, this is definitely not a do-it-yourself project with online medications shipped from off-shore.

Just know that most physicians lump all prostate cancers together and declare testosterone a contraindication.  But there are those who view low grade localized prostate as a separate entity from the more deadly high grade metastatic lesion.

With that in mind, and because I don't want to re-invent the wheel, let me point you towards a few posts where I've addressed this issue already

But what if you're referring to erectile dysfunction after your treatment for prostate cancer?  In that case, you have many options for treatment, unrelated to testosterone, for which there should be no contraindication related to prostate cancer.

Again, I direct you to a previous post where I addressed this question

Finally, if loss of libido is the issue, let me direct your attention to the appropriate topic heading on this blog .

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