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Q + A Vlog Style

Posted Feb 08 2013 5:31pm

Hi There Friends, it’s been far too long!

Thanks for the well-wishes on my internship position and also your words of comfort for the exam. I was definitely disappointed, err to say the least, but I did pull myself out of that crap-hole place I was in and again, I refuse to let it defeat me, especially this early in the semester! I have the chance to go over the exam with my adviser in a few days and I will most definitely be taking advantage of that.

Moving on! Way back in September I asked people what they would like to know about me and somehow in the last several months I forgot about that particular post! Whoops, not sure how that happened. So today instead of writing out the answers in what would likely turn into a book-length post, I am vlogging it up today! They are certainly awkward and also frustrating beyond all reason because technology keeps crapping out on me… but they can be fun too, and a nice way to shake it up.

Despite me trying to talk quick and summarize, this turned into a 10 minute blabber fest while I answered the questions… and it’s in two parts because yeah, my camera hates me. Hookay enough rambling, here is the Q + A Video(s)! Sorry it’s quite dark too :(

(**Side note: One observation to note, I say YA KNOW way to freakin much. Get prepared to hear that come out of my mouth a whole bunch in the next ten minutes. Planning to work on that one you know?)

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

In case you did not watch all the way through (don’t blame ya) and wanted to know what questions I answered here they are…

1) When you were at school, did you ever eat in the dining hall alone?

2) Do you feel influenced by the food trends that other bloggers talk about or strictly adhere to?

3) Did you have any rituals in the depths of your ED? How did you overcome them?

4) What is one food/food group you feel is most important for recovery?

*Tell me your answers to 1 or more of these, I would love to hear your own thoughts on such important matters :) Must do work now, curse procrastination and its appealing, consuming nature!


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