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Put “Citizens in Charge” to Reduce Health Costs

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:01pm

Forget my last post on health care reform. Since then I’ve seen the light. The editor of another site has developed the best plan I’ve seen yet.

Every plan presented in Congress so far has led to charges that a public option would increase the federal deficit, cause rationing of services, or require tax increases. “Citizens in Charge,” by Mike Adams of, would combine universal coverage with total health care freedom to slash costs for everyone.

“Citizens in Charge” would cover catastrophic, routine, and preventive care. The federal government would pay all “catastrophic” expenses, such as accidents and acute medical emergencies. Each man and woman would also receive a government-funded debit card and at least $350 each month. Parents and legal guardians would receive additional cards for each child under their care.

All health-related vendors would be required to accept the cards. Healthy food, all conventional and natural care services and products, and gym memberships would be covered.

This plan would correct several imbalances in the present health care system. It would shift the focus from “disease care” to “health care.” All consumers would be able to afford the care they need from the providers they choose. They would have equal access to healthy food and services that decrease the rate of expensive, preventable diseases. They would also be more conscious of the cost and value of services they choose.

Click here to read details of the plan.

Jacqueline Laurette Jones is author of Unmasking a Diagnosis: How to get Help for a Confusing Chronic Illness Without Filing for Bankruptcy.

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