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Put ‘Cho Claws Away

Posted Jan 17 2012 10:30pm

Soooo, what do you think of the new design? Not too many changes, but everything is cleaned up a bit. I love the new social media buttons on the right (thanks to Just Dandy !). I started an EFF Facebook page again. Feel free to like me, I believe I have a total of 4 followers at the moment...embarrassing.

I mentioned briefly before signing off on Sunday that I missed my planned yoga class. After looking around at different studios in the area and even my gym, apparently every yoga class in Atlanta is at 11am. Sunday rest day, yet again. I really don’t mind, like I said , I like having lazy Sundays. However, I have started to have problems with my sciatic nerve. After 40 min or more of cardio I get sharp pains from my lower back down to my foot (on the left side). So I think doing yoga the day after my long run will be very beneficial.

I actually aggravated it on Friday after my elliptical session and I was hobbling around the rest of the day. Saturday I woke up feeling better, but I could still tell that it was pinched a bit. I ended up being able to go on my run , but made sure to stretch a ton before and after my run. Anyway, my point is is that I really wanted to go to yoga on Sunday to make sure that it was really stretched out. And that didn’t happen… So instead I took Masey to Piedmont dog park


and then tried to adopt a puppy,

puppy puppy2

to which my husband replied

text text2

Probably the right move.


Yesterday I worked all day and then ended the day by finally getting to a yoga class. I really do feel so much better after taking one, and my sciatic nerve really got a good stretching (hello pigeon pose!).  When I got home Tony was asking me about the class and what I thought about it. I told him that I feel great after a class and that at the beginning of the class I can barely touch my toes but by the end I can put both hands flat on the floor. Love it, although I think that I need to be stretching more than just in yoga (I’m totally the person that leaves during stretching in BodyPump).

Anyway, thanks to some earlier prep work, when I got home all I had to do was pop dinner in the oven!


Ever since this post Tony has been asking me to make stuffed shells again.


SO good and there are plenty of leftovers. Win!


While we were eating dinner Tony and I were watching The Bachelor. When Chantal walked in during the cocktail party, all of the girls immediately started saying mean things and calling her names like a “bitch” and “whore”. They said this before they knew who she was and before they knew why she was there. They also made fun of how she walked in “trying to own the place and failed.” I just don’t get that. Why, WHY immediately upon seeing a pretty girl (or I guess in their case, a threating girl), do they (or some girls in general) immediately find the need to cut her down and call her cruel names? If this were The Bachelorette, I doubt all the men would act that way. Girls can be so mean. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total girls-girl, but jeeze, put away the claws sometimes, ladies.

bloggity 109

With that being said, I totally fell asleep before the show was over (and I think even before Ben and Chantal were done talking) and I have no idea what happened. Whoopsie.


Thoughts on the above subject?

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