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Push-ups = Empowerment?

Posted Mar 13 2012 5:23pm


While previewing my new Physique 57 30- minute full body workout Tanya commented “push-ups equal empowerment”. Interesting. Then later in the workout she commented on how good it was to see women doing full body push-ups.

That got me to thinking. Do push-ups equal empowerment for women? In order to do full-body push-ups you need upper body strength which is something that doesn’t come easily for all women. In school, my PE teachers were satisfied if we girls did “girl push-ups”. We weren’t challenged to do “boy push-ups”. We got off easy I guess. But the thing was, I could do “boy push-ups”. While I wasn’t encouraged to give my all and go for the full-body push-up at school, karate school was a whole different matter.

Master Park wouldn’t settle for anything less that full-body push-ups and he didn’t care if I was a girl or not. See, in his class there wasn’t a gender divide. Boys and girls trained together, sparred together and hung out together after class.

Master Park pushed us to our fullest ability. He empowered us.

So, what empowers women today?

I guess the answer depends on the woman. What I may find empowering my neighbor may not even give a second thought to because she’s 30 years older than me and what my friend thinks is empowering may not be to me because she’s 20 years younger than me.

At 40 plus, doing full-body push-ups is empowering for me because it shows how strong I am. For my neighbor, being able to walk every day on her treadmill is empowering because she has good balance, good endurance and her body still moves.

When you look in the mirror, do you see a strong woman? I hope you do.


Everyday is Fabulous

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