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Push & Pull + Run in Oiselle Lesley Tights = great night!

Posted Oct 17 2012 12:00am

Tuesday 10/16

Nathan and I went to the gym again for round # 2!  Woo hoo!  He’s a great trainer, and lets me know why these exercises are important, and also corrects me on my form.  We focused on Back and Chest today, and switched from push exercises to pull exercises.  

Bench Press -  50lbs x 8, 7, 8

Pull Downs - 40lbs x 10, 10, 10

Machine Press - 20lbs x 10, 10, 10

One Arm Bent Over Rows - 15lbs x 10, 10, 10

Front Pull Downs - 20lbs x 10, 10, 10

I felt like my form on the bench press was better than last weeks.  The pull downs were new for me this week, although I’ve done them in the past, I really tried to focus on squeezing my back muscles together.   When it was time for the machine press, my arms were practically shaking, but I managed to “push” through it (haha….get it?)

I wanted to make sure that when I was working the one arm bent over rows I was lifting correctly.  Nathan helped me alot with these.  The Front Pull Downs were definitely a first for me.  They were hard!! I tried to keep my shoulders back, and my butt out, and not bend my elbows.  Woah. Here’s two bad pictures…

I think my shoulders were a little too rolled forward.  Next time I will work on pushing them back more. 

When we got back from the gym the weather was a perfect 55 degrees and still sunny, although slightly windy.  It would have just been wrong for me if I didn’t go running.  So, I bundled up and went!  

I rocked Oiselle’s Lesley Tights , and the Oiselle arm warmers !  The running tights are hands down the best tights that I have ever run in.  They are so comfortable, it almost feels like you aren’t wearing ANYTHING!!! seriously. If I could wear them every minute of every single day, I would.  The arm warmers came in handy too, because although I was wearing a long sleeve, I still didn’t have any gloves, so these worked perfect for a windy, sunny day. They kept my hands and arms, extra warm. 

I ran into the park, and was completely happy with my decision to do so as soon as I turned into it.  The trees were alive with color!  As I mentioned before, it was still a little windy, but I was bundled.  The trail through the park was refreshing, and I had it to myself the whole time except for the end.  I was pleased to see other people there too, enjoying the nice, crisp autumn air, and the last of the sunlight. I completed 2.09 miles in 20:32.
Here’s some pictures of the park run, and my split mileage times.

Mile 1 - 10:04   10:04
Mile 2 - 19:41     9:37   -0’27”

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