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Pursue Your Passion: Why I Write

Posted Jan 27 2012 8:00am
The other day a friend asked me, "Tell me what your dream job would look like. What would you do?"  I had to pause and ask myself the following questions

What do I love to do?

What am I drawn to?
What energizes me?  

I'm partially living my dream job by teaching fitness classes .  I love to inspire and motivate--part of the reason coaching was a natural fit for me.

So, how can I reach more individuals?

Serving as an FitFluential ambassador has opened my eyes to the opportunities in the health and wellness industry. Wouldn't it make sense to focus more time on my passion for health and fitness?

Besides my enthusiasm for living actively through running , strength training and teaching , I enjoy reading and writing about healthy living topics (case in point, this blog).  Articles on nutrition or exercise routines grab my attention instantly, and I often find myself nodding when reading. Couldn't I write those very articles?  I could share my fitness journey complete with triumphs and fails.

So, here's my pitch to the digital, fitness magazines:  I'm your next writer.  And, here's why.

Preparing for and passing the NSCA-CSCS certification exam provides me with the qualifications to write informative articles on fitness and health.

"Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCSs) are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving physical performance..." ( source )

I believe we are all "athletes" trying to improve our performance.  Although I'm not competing on the field anymore, I still want to run 800m repeats faster than I did a year ago and knock out more push-ups than I did last week. This mentality applies to many of my readers as well.

In order to maintain my certification, I must continue my education.  That means learning about new topics throughout the year like Spinning certification and enhancing past knowledge.  Learning new information means readers become educated too.

As a college athlete , I pushed myself to physical exhaustion in off-season conditioning in order to reap the rewards of in-season success during my years at Stanford University .  I also know what it's like to transition from a schedule that's pre-programmed to one where you have complete control.

Weight gain happened to me to when my lifestyle changed. But, I found ways to lose the weight by committing to a new routine that didn't involve mandatory conditioning or practice. Motivation and time management become revisited topics.

My identity of "athlete" didn't stop once my eligibility expired. I will always be an athlete regardless of my uniform.  Readers can relate to finding their inner athletes in gym, on the trail, or during a race.

I provide readers with tools to eat healthy and live actively.  On a weekly basis, I share recipes and healthy dishes that others can incorporate into their diets.  More often, I like to share workouts that individuals can perform at home or in the gym.

Spider Plank Push-ups

Readers appreciate a variety of workouts that they can plug into their active lifestyles.  Some find the workouts the push they need to get started .  Likewise, I share my failures, like bonking in my second marathon , so others can learn from my mistakes, knowing they aren't alone.

As a full-time working, professional, I can relate to busy individuals trying to balance it all .  We put on our capes and try to save the world (and our waistlines), but we can't do it all.  Prioritize, commit, delegate, and purpose are key words to instill in our vocabularies.

So, how do I keep my marriage a priority with a husband that travels frequently while I work full-time and teach fitness classes?  I think that's excellent subject matter for an article, don't you?

Working with the general fitness population allows me to help others take command of their exercise routine and diet.

I provide guidance to individuals in order to help them reach their personal health/fitness goals.  Likewise, trying innovative exercise routines or new equipment energizes me, especially when it can help improve performance.  Accordingly, I share new material and product reviews with readers and clients alike.  Tried, tested, and true!

Plank Jacks

Ultimately, I have the knowledge and experience worth sharing that would benefit the fitness community.  I appreciate you reading about my dream to write professionally about my passion.  I will be entertaining job offers

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