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Purple Asparagus Tart with Fontina

Posted Apr 15 2012 8:55pm

I’m back from Louisville! I had a great time at the Slow Food National Congress and plan to post about it this week, so stay tuned. I want to somehow express to you the extremely intelligent thoughts and ideas that were thrown around at the conference, and that’s going to take some time for me to write up!


For now, check out this tart. It highlights one of the tastiest seasonal ingredients available this time of year – asparagus! Asparagus isn’t available all summer, so get it now while you can. Our market has sold out of asparagus within the first 30 minutes for two weeks in a row!

(see the bottom of this post for info on purple asparagus)


Martha has a great asparagus tart recipe that is incredibly easy to duplicate. I changed a couple things but the idea remains almost identical, so check hers out and change as you like.


The process itself is simple.

  • Thaw frozen puff pastry
  • Roll out and, if needed, shape into a rectangle
  • Create a “crust” using a knife to cut lines from each edge
  • Egg wash if desired (mix one egg with a tablespoon of water, then brush on dough)
  • Bake until golden


  • Add shredded fontina or gruyere
  • Add asparagus
  • Brush with olive oil
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper
  • Bake until asparagus is tender!


In total, the tart takes about 45 minutes so be sure to give yourself enough time. The labor is minimal though – it’s baking almost the entire time. Again, check out Martha’s recipe for the original!

And some info on purple asparagus: the purple variety has a bit of extra sugar but is often more tender than green. They taste similar and have almost the same nutrient values (and bonus: was half the price of it’s green counterpart at the market!).

Have a great week!

Question: Have you ever eaten purple or white asparagus? What’s your favorite asparagus recipe?

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