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Purification Cleanse: day 12 + 13

Posted Nov 17 2013 12:25pm

Happy Sunday!

On Friday morning, I looked out the window to see that Honolulu was my favorite color.



I’m not sure what had to align for this, but it was very surreal . . .

Day 12 + 13

I have to admit, the last 2 days have been stressful and so I haven’t really felt that great physically or mentally.  I still really feel like I have a bad cold brewing too.

Add to that, too many tastes of non-gluten-free foods at work and even a drink last night with the girls.

The food?

Here is a picture of the vegan breakfast burrito I developed before they were wrapped up for the masses.  Its a tofu scramble with potato topped with eggplant “bacon” (so easy to make!) and some daiya vegan cheddar.


Customers were looking for warm breakfast type sandwiches and I finally made something that fit the bill.  Apparently, they sold pretty well too!

I tried to up my raw food intake with a giant hot/cold bar purchase from whole foods, but I wasnt all that impressed with what I put together this time.


I actually found myself craving eggs and meat a lot on Friday which consequently were the days that I have been feeling extra weak.  Im not sure what this means, but I do know that I go through phases like this when I am vegan.  Ive done so many diets/cleanses and what have you over the years that I know my body does feel better when I am consuming animal products moderately.  Even though I have a week left, I am tempted to see how an omelette would make me feel.

hm. . .

Last night the Blue Tree girls went out for appropriate cleanse food which happened to be at the Loving Hut which is a franchise vegan restaurant where the menu is up to the owners.  I remember seeing them a lot in NYC when I was .

We ordered 3 gluten free dishes and shared them which is always a good idea.


After that we headed out for a drink which is obviously not cleanse friendly but we all only had one and mine was very light. For some reason the food didnt sit well and I was tossing and turning all night only to be awake at 6am on a Sunday morning off. I had a great time with the girls.  Its awesome to know that we connect as true friends outside of work.  In fact, for the first time I think we barely talked about anything work related!

After today, I will have one week left to go! I am really hoping that I can focus more and that things start kicking into the gear Ive been imagining them too.

As for today, I plan to rest a bit.  The house needs some cleaning attention and I feel the need to work on some organizing and other projects I have in the works.  I consider the next week to be the calm before a huge (fun) storm of holidays, visitors, parties and madness.

Would you ever eat/try eggplant “bacon”?

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