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Puppy pics and New Lunch Sandwich

Posted Jul 21 2010 12:00am
This is what happens to a 7 pound puppy whose hair is heavier than her body when it’s rainy outside.

And this is what that puppy looks like when she is not wet. I hope she doesn’t get mad that I posted pictures of her after a rainstorm. My hair doesn’t hold up so well in this weather either!

I am looking for guest posts! Please contact me if you would like to write a post to be published on my blog at the beginning of August. You don’t have to have a blog. You can write about food tips, a how-to, a different kind of exercise that I don’t write about, or something Houston related if you live here.

Check out this article about the CrossFit Games that were held last weekend. Some incredible athletes doing things I could never dream of, but the article talks about how CrossFit has become widespread within a short amount of time and what the draw is to this type of exercise.

From Forbes Magazine:

A swimming update: My aquathlon is a little over 3 weeks away! I have been practicing my swimming and really enjoy it after the initial shock of cold water. It is really nice in the summer heat to take a day off from actual sweat and be gentle to my body. The race is 300 meters, and I have been mostly working on technique of swimming laps (self-taught, don’t know if it’s all correct), keeping water out of my eyes, and taking fewer and shorter rests between laps. I swim for about 50-60 minutes on days when I don’t do a second exercise like spinning, so hopefully I will be ready to swim for 9 minutes. For my next swim, I plan to swim for a shorter amount of time and then take off on a short run. My legs feel like jello when I get out of the pool, so I need to practice transitioning to the run! Can’t fall over on race day.

Anyone have race day tips? I know this race is short and will be over fast, but it’s a good intro race for me!

I know that packaged tuna is a love it or hate it food, and I totally understand that! But it is a great on-hand lunch item to alternate in the mix, especially when you add good ingredients to plain tuna.

Orowheat Sandwich Thin

1 wedge Laughing cow Garlic and Herb

spinach leaves

small plum tomato

4 oz package Chicken of the Sea light tuna

pickle slices


salt and pepper

1/2 avocado (small side)

1 hard boiled egg white

Here’s how it goes and why it’s great:

Spread the wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on both slices of the Sandwich Thin. If you haven’t tried Laughing Cow, you must. Great to spread on apples or crackers, and 35 calories per wedge.

Combine tuna, chopped egg white, mashed avocado, pickles, mustard, salt and pepper. Mix mix mix. It makes the volume of the tuna so big.

Put spinach and tomato on one side and the tuna on the other. Wrap and foil and it’s great for the next day!

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