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Pumpkin Spice Coconut Coffee Creamer

Posted Sep 15 2013 8:21am

I love Starbucks. I love pumpkin. I don’t love paying for Starbucks coffee and they don’t have coconut milk so I am left with 2 options. I either suck up the fact that I will most likely get bloated when I put half & half in my coffee or I *shudder* order it with soy :-( .
Soy is a legume which we learned during our summer nutrition challenge is not healthy. But there is more to soy then the fact that 94% of the soy grown in the United States is genetically modified. ( source ) Soy contains phytoestrogens which mimic our bodies natural estrogen hormones. (source 1)

For women this can cause estrogen dominance which has been connected to menstrual issues, infertility, and cancer. For men this can throw off testosterone balance, cause low sperm count/infertility, and cancer. (source 2) There is a lot of information out there on soy and this post isn’t intended to be a review of the literature. I’ve listed a few resources you can check out at the bottom of this post if you want to learn more. Ultimately, I chose to not consume soy for the reasons I list above: it’s a legume, it’s predominantly a GMO crop, and it has the ability to mess with my body’s hormone regulation. I just don’t trust it.

It makes me so sad to think that just 5 years ago I was serving soy sausages to my son. And who knows how much soy we all inadvertently consumed in the form of soy lecithin, soy protein isolate, texturized vegetable protein, or hydrolyzed vegetable protein. (All ingredients found in processed food.)  As much as I hate to admit it, I did that and I’m owning it.  I thought that the saturated fat in real sausages wasn’t healthy and I thought that soy was a good alternative and actually healthy for us. The sad thing is that I have taken college and graduate level classes in nutrition. This is the misinformation I was taught (and is still being taught!) in college. What is the average person with no formal nutrition education to think? What I’ve learned with all my research is to not beat myself up over decisions that I made with the best information I had at the time. I’ve accepted that and moved on. Looking back, it was a box of processed food. Yes it was soy, but ultimately it was processed food. In the past two years since adopting a paleo lifestyle, I can honestly say that the amount of processed food we eat as a family has decreased by at least 75%.  I don’t think there will be any new research that could come out that says eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods was  a bad idea.

Check out the updated recipe for pumpkin spice coconut creamer here.

Paleo Coffee Creamer

Paleo Coffee Creamer

Let me know what you think of the new recipe? Brent has actually been drinking this!





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