Hey hey sugarlumps!

Thankyou so so much for all your advice about how to cope with my new job and eating. I think I’m going to take some snacky things with me and stuff them in my apron pocket and occasionally scoff some in the back when I can!

So after work on Friday, I finally got into my bed exhausted at 2am having been on my feet non-stop since 5pm. There had been 2 stag and 3 hen do’s on and 3 parties that night so it’s fair to say, we were all rushing round like you can’t believe. I was planning on having a lovely little lie in with it being Saturday afterall but then my apartment buzzer started ringing at 7am.

*groan* ‘Who the hell is that?!’

I stumble out of bed and stagger to the phone.


‘Hi, I have a package for you.’

*groan* ‘Oh okay, I’ll come out…’

So off I stumble outside in my pajamas in the cold to the gate and get the package. I am obviously not a happy bunny. I was planning on going straight back to bed after I had opened my package but then…

Look what has returned!! Yes I did go back on iHerb..I couldn’t resist eeek!

Peanut butter puffins!! <3 Oh yeahhh, it’s fair to say I delved right into these and was soon powered up to hit the gym! I’m having to ration them now though because I’m already nearly half way through the box! Ooops…

Outfit for the day: going for the layered look since it was cold outside.

As I was coming back home from the market in town later that day with bags of lovely fresh fruit, I passed a guy who smiled at me. Now, I tend to be shy and normally just try to move on with these kinda things..but I smiled back. I thought to myself, ‘He was kinda cute…’ but I walked on. As I walk on I think to myself ‘You should have said something..’ and I look back at him just to get another glance to check that he was really that cute. And I find him looking back at me as he was walking on. But I turn round and carry on walking. And I wonder why I’m still single?

Has this kind of thing happened to you before?

So it seems I will have to keep my love in the kitchen since I don’t have a real one..

So I got back to getting my bake on because of course that’s my favourite thing to do in the kitchen!

…Other than have a little dance in my pajamas when I’m listening to music in the evening whilst getting my snack.

I’m not the only one who dances in the kitchen right?!

So I made Katie’s 24-carrot muffins since I had a big bag of carrots that needed using up.

Um yum?! I am a huge fan of carrot cake! This morning I then decided to create the most amazing parfait ever!

Pumpkin and carrot cake parfait

I blended up half a can of pumpkin (Libby’s of course), with almond milk, xanthum gum and cinnamon and layered it with 2 of the muffins.

And topped it with grape nuts and the almost as good as the PB puffins…

OH EM GEE. I was in heaven. Seriously.

If anyone wants to give me Puffins in return for anything, I seriously will.

Have you created any amazing parfaits recently?

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