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Pump It Circuit Workout

Posted Dec 17 2012 5:00am
Sometimes participating in a challenge is a great way to just have a writing prompt. If you're a blogger. If you're not it's a good conversation starter. Thank you, Elf for Health.

The challenge for Monday is to do a circuit workout. Since I need to get a good workout in, I decided to come up with a good workout that I could use all week. I started with a mile warm up on the treadmill (13:40 -- actually not bad for me) then went into the circuit...


I didn't post the amount of weight because everyone is different. Plus I don't want you to know that I'm a weakling. For the dumbbell flyes I used 8 pounds on the first round, 10 pounds on the second round and on the third. Next time I think I'll move to 15. For the kettlebell swings I used 10 pounds. Because I only have one kettlebell. It's 10 pounds. 

I could write a whole post on all the variations of a single leg squat. Find the one that is comfortable for you and do that. You don't have to do a pistol squat to make this work. The variation that I did is to put one leg in front and softly rest the heel on the ground (no cheating and putting weight on that leg!). 

For the dumbbell flyes you can do them on a bench. On the stability ball. On a step. On the ground. Really, any place the cat isn't using as a bed.

Regarding kettlebell swings...a dumbbell works just as well. Or a small child. As long as you don't lose your grip. And as long as you don't mind doing them  all  the time. Kids think it's fun. 

Birthday Notes

I got seven scarves for my birthday!!!! That should feed my obsession for a little bit. Thanks to my Mom and MIL for know what I like! :)

The Princess spent the night

My wonderful  Elf  sent me the cutest card via Instagram...

Today is also my 13th wedding anniversary. My gift for him is to only have one important date to remember for the rest of his life. LOL!

Small Talk:

What did you do for a workout today? How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Would you like a post with the different variations of a single leg squat?
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