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Protein Power {guest post fun!}

Posted Apr 15 2012 10:00pm

How was everyone’s Monday?! Filled with fun and excitement I hope! Not so much? Well, just think, we are one day closer to the weekend! Positive thinking at its best Winking smile

Today I have some useful and interesting info to share with you all from my friends at Nutrition Fix.

Recently I have been experimenting with how I incorporate protein into my diet and have been seeing a lot of positive effects as a result. I have been using whey protein powder in addition to upping my overall protein intake through food products as well! You all are aware of my turkey obsession lately! But some other sources of protein I have been loving lately are tuna, tilapia, cod, part skim cheeses, tofu, yogurt (oh my I have been a yogurt FIEND lately!!), peanut flour, beans, lentils, and lots of eggs!

With my increase in protein I have noticed a great increase in my energy levels, satiety, and overall mood! Its crazy what changing a small aspect of your diet can do for the body! I never even thought I was getting to little protein, but ever since paying attention to it a bit more I have realize that I probably could have sued a bit more…since I am feeling so good now. My strength training seems to be yielding better results as well! Not only have I been building muscle faster, but I don’t fatigue as easily and have even been able to up my weights a bit. Bring on the muscle power!!!

With all that in mind, the folks at Nutrition Fix have some awesome products that could help you get some extra protein in! Depending on your diet, personal preferences, budget, etc. it can be hard to figure out where to add it in. But Nutrition Fix has some awesome supplements and products in general that can help you tailor your diet in away that would promote positive change in your everyday life! 

Take it away guys…


Hey Healthy Helper readers!!

Picture this….it’s Monday morning, or even worse Tuesday morning, and like so many of us you seem to be staring down the barrel of a long week. And just because it isn’t winter anymore, doesn’t mean it is necessarily any easier to get out of bed.

Mid-April means that we are in the officially in the grips of springtime, but if the constantly changing weather has you down, then take a hint from yogis. In the Vedas, praising the sun has been regarded as a great way to promote good health and prosperity for centuries. And what better way to help usher in the sunshine of late spring and summer than by starting your week with a series of sun salutations. We know Kaila loves her yoga!

By rolling out of bed and onto your yoga mat, you are not only connecting with your surroundings, but it can also help you get your blood pumping before you start your day. Setting your alarm ten minutes early will allow you the chance to squeeze in a couple dozen poses, and boy it definitely beats a glass of orange juice in the morning.

Daily physical activity can beneficial to your overall health and mood just as much as stopping by a protein supplement shop . But if you seem to need a little bit more than sunshine to meet your fitness goals, then sports nutrition sites like can give you the tools you need to brighten up your mornings and get you ready for the summer season.

Stay healthy and happy everyone!


Thanks Nutrition Fix for giving us all something to think about!

So what is your take on supplements?

Do you use them? Or do you prefer getting your nutrients exclusively through your food?

What’s your favorite source of protein?

Do you pay attention to how much protein you get on a daily basis?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this important nutrient!!!

Oh and before I forget…

ONE MORE DAY TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY !!! Winners will be announced tomorrow night!!!


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