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Protein carrot spice cake

Posted Jan 18 2011 4:41pm

As you probably already know from reading my blog, I am a huge protein bar buff.  I pretty much eat at least one every day.  My favorites are my beloved Pure Protein bars, with only 2-3 grams of sugar that taste awesome.  I love having a protein bar for dessert, because I figure that although it isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, it beats the pants off of a sugar-laden cookie or bowl of ice cream.

Speaking of which, check out the new Pure Protein bar I finally found on sale at the grocery store and was able to try:


Holy yum!  The stats weren’t quite as good as some of the other flavors, but the taste was amazing.  The caramel is soooo good, it literally tastes like a candy bar.

But back to what I was saying.   I don’t love the ingredient lists of the store-bought protein bars that I eat.  So in an effort to eat more natural ingredients (and to save money – those babies are expensive!!!) I am always on the lookout for homemade protein bar recipes that I can try.

I’ve tried a number of different no-bake versions, but don’t love them.  First of all, they are extremely messy and not convenient to take on the go.  Second of all, I tend to have a lack of portion and/or self-control with them.  I’m not sure why – whether it is because they are not individually wrapped and I make a big batch at a time, or whether they are cold and gooey (my downfall).  But I find it nearly impossible to eat just one at a time.

So I’ve been looking for a good home-baked protein bar.  When I saw Jamie Eason’s Carrot Cake Protein Bar recipe, I knew I had to try them.

I happened to find some pureed carrot baby food for 50% off at safeway, just because the container was dented!  Score!!  Love those discounted shelves in the back.

I didn’t have oat flour, so I made my own by grinding up some oats in the blender:


I also halved the recipe, because I wanted to make sure I liked them before I made a whole pan, and also because I can’t be trusted around a whole pan of protein bars.  Embarrassed smile

Just a half hour later:


Perfection.  This is definitely more like a carrot spice cake or bread than a protein bar, but it is absolutely delicious. 


I will be making this again and will try some substitutions.  I will probably try less oat flour and more ricotta, to up the protein content and to try to make it more dense and bar-ey and less bread-y.  I also will use less splenda, because it was a little sweet for me.  No, that wasn’t a typo.  Can you believe that I actually just said that?!?!

Does anybody have any good baked protein bar recipes?  If so, please share!!

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