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Protein - A single scoop of vanilla

Posted Apr 16 2009 12:24am

So often I hear new WLS patients complain that they've "tried all the protein and hate them all." (And they are only 2 or 3 weeks post-op.) Unfortunately, I don't believe them. I know - that's harsh. Be honestly, if you try something once and never try it again, or never try it a different way how can you say that you hate them ALL unless you've exhausted every possible option?

One example I use when replying to forum posts is how different a single scoop of vanilla protein powder can taste if only you mix it a different way each time. So I thought I'd make a list of all the ways I can think of to make a single scoop of protein into a variety of different concoctions.

  • Mix it with water
  • Mix it with milk
  • Mix it with soy milk
  • Mix it with flavored soy milk (chocolate?)
  • Mix it with crystal light or sugar free Kool-aid
  • Mix it with diet juice (V8 Splash!)
  • Mix it with coffee
  • Mix it with tea
  • Mix it with hot cocoa
  • Make it hot
  • Make it cold
  • Make it frozen (protein ice cream)
  • Make it thick like a milk shake
  • Make it thicker like pudding
  • Make it thin and serve it over ice
  • Mix in some fruit
  • Mix it into yogurt
  • Mix in some spices (cinnamon, chai spice)
  • Mix in some flavored sugar free coffee syrups
  • Mix in some sugar free pudding mix (pistachio, cheesecake, banana??)
  • Mix it into pudding (1 sf pudding cup, 1/2 scoop protein)
  • Mix it into oatmeal
  • Mix it into protein bars or balls or these bars
  • Make it aromatic (like my protein hot chai tea recipe)

The recipes are endless. Obviously I have some here on my blog, but if you do a search on Google, you'll find millions. Bodybuilders are very creative with recipes for protein shakes - you might need to adjust the ingredients to make them more WLS friendly, but at least the ideas are often unique.

And of course, there's always my " Protein Book" with a ton of recipes.

So next time you are stumped for a way to mix your protein powder. Just pick something new off the list above and see how it goes. It's all a big game of experimentation -- a game that you can't give up on after the first try.


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