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Proposed ill go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment

Posted May 07 2013 8:38am
  On March 17, Tsai-fen, this should be the usual calm day. Around 7:00 that morning, she was well prepared from home, planning to go to a hospital to see his rheumatism Cave (place names). Go out shortly after, Cai Fen will be a head-on encounter a strange man in blue.
  "Do you know that there are a 'doctor'?" Cai Fen, when the man asked if you know the whereabouts of a "doctor",  cheap christian louboutin online   while he did not know immediately that, at this moment , do not know where they emerge to wear a middle-aged man in green. He said his mother was paralyzed, is optimistic about the "so-called" geniuses, he knows the address of the geniuses. So the two ready-friendly, and invited Cai Fen to go geniuses accommodation together. Cai Fen said he was stunned for a moment,  outlet discount christian louboutin    but still went along.
  "Doctor" asking as home deposits
  About 5 minutes away, in Riverside on the road, Cai Fen trio encountered claims to have 98-year-old geniuses. Height of about seven meters tall slim, looks 40 years old. "Said Cai Fen, see the" doctor ", the geniuses excuse to sent away the two men, told Cai Fen alone, so she went to shower and before 14:30, showered, went to his pharmacy on the second floor burning stick of incense. "Doctor",  cheap christian louboutin pumps   also known as Cai Fen come up with their deposits, and then put money in their own pillow to sleep for three days, three days after her illness will naturally good.
  "Doctor" advantage of the opportunity to ask how much money Cai Fen Cai Fen little thinking, answered that he did not deposit. "Do not lie to me, but I geniuses." Under the spell of the "geniuses" Cai Fen say they have some money and jewelry, but deposits on her brother. Together a Men will immediately she went to a place to stay to get jewelry, took deposits went to your brother's house. Their money and jewelry in Da Bridge to the custody of "doctor", "doctor" told her: "Do not look back,  cheap louboutin shoes   straight home." When he finished he patted the back of the Cai Fen Cai Fen is confused somehow go home.
  "Doctor" spoils busted
  Cai Fen home and took a shower, ready to go to the "geniuses" in 14:27, found that people could not find, ask nearby people did not know the "doctor" it. Cai Fen realization that they had been cheated, immediately to the police.
  Bureau of Criminal Investigation Longmatan police after receiving the alarm, through the analysis of the basic information,  red bottom shoes on sale   to find out a few of the whereabouts of deception track and rushed to the location of the crime personnel. At this point, a hotel, committing the crime in progress spoils, police ordered three crime officers at the scene was arrested, according to the investigation, Cai Fen cheated jewelry in the "geniuses" who seized the cash has long been a few people "divide the spoils."
  Police believe that this incident because of the stolen goods in the field, so it successfully resolved, but such acts of deception in general because of the lack of witnesses and evidence collection more difficult. cheap christian louboutin heels  Police to remind the masses, be careful the criminals use the feudal superstition deception activities, do not believe that the "doctor" superstition, got sick to go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment.
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