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Properly Care for Your Hot Tub with Discount Covers that Fit

Posted Jan 05 2013 6:25am

Hot tubs are an expensive investment, thus it is important to find hot tub covers that will properly ensure the tub is covered when not in use. Using a cover that protectively seals a hot tub or spa is one of the ways smart owners manage to preserve their hot tubs for many years to come; and may also prevent the need for parts replacement or costly repairs. Additionally, maintenance will be less expensive and less frequent, enabling owners to enjoy their tub more often. There are a variety of covers available today that are made from durable materials and seal off the entire tub, further preventing debris from entering and damaging a tub’s mechanics. Many of the highest quality covers also help to prevent unfortunate accidents from occurring increasing the safety of a hot tub or spa whenever children are nearby.

What features should hot tub covers possess for the best protection? Most often, these covers include foam in a plastic sealed tube, which prevents water absorption, as well as rugged vinyl to prohibit mildew and UV ray weathering long-term. The perimeter of a cover should be very tight and the zipper should be reinforced to prevent water and other troublesome materials from entering a hot tub. Many leading covers also feature weep holes to drain water and have a construction that’s reinforced with double- or triple-stitching.

Beyond all the structural and protective benefits, discount covers help lower energy costs associated with hot tub use. Energy efficient covers will reduce hot tub owners’ electricity bills, while covers that are not energy efficient can negatively impact energy usage. Efficiency is specifically related to the type of cover you use and the nature of a cover’s construction. In most cases, once a cover becomes wet, it does not contain heat, but instead enables valuable heat to escape through the weakened areas. Mold and mildew thrives on wet covers ultimately becoming a health hazard and an endless money pit .

Hot tubs are a worthwhile investment only when they are correctly maintained and cared for; one of these elements includes covers that are insulated and able to keep costs low while protecting the tub. Owners can save money on energy costs, reduce the risk of accidents or growth of harmful materials, and reduce maintenance costs with the right cover. There are only a few companies that offer covers that easily meet all of these requirements – Discount Spa Covers. View their available covers at

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