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Project:Food Budget (9/6/11)

Posted Jun 09 2011 1:48am

Goal: 1000 kr (approx £117 / $190)
Actual: 1040  kr

Budget = rounded up for 2 adults preparing 3 meals a day, more or less (any meals eaten out and ‘unplanned snacks’ are not included in this budget as that is highly individual). The goal amount is based on local research that I carried out with friends and family to find out the average weekly spend. This was it.

Our under-budget run has burst its bubble. Second week in a row over budget. We had to fill up on spices, beans and nuts this week – those nuts really are expensive (and I can see that we’ve nearly finished them already!).

I’ve been on a 21 day sugar detox challenge since 1st June (not even half way yet, wah!!) so eating and shopping has required a little extra thought. I used to have mean sugar cravings before I started studying and working in health a couple of years ago. I could easily chow down on a packet of chocolate digestives in 30 mins and a Mars bar a day (to ‘help me work, rest and play’) was not uncommon. I can honestly say that I don’t have sugar cravings anymore, or if I do, they are very rare and coincide with a specific phase I might be going through – emotionally led (you know, when life throws a ton of things at you at once that our ‘planning mind’ has difficult assimilating) and therefore not making the right food choices and planning over a period of time…
So anyway, the challenge for me is not so much cutting out sugar per se as I don’t eat processed sugar (haven’t had any sugar at home for years), don’t eat gluten, don’t buy pre-packaged foods, (although now that I have to cut down on them, I’ve realised that I usually rely quite a lot on grains such as buckwheat, quinoa, millet)…it’s more my very strong after-meal-need-a-little-something habit. I blame my French half for this. Even healthy snacks such as dried fruits, a square or two of dark or raw chocolate, my Raw choco-mousse or any other yummy raw dessert – they all count. Lately the desire has been stronger than me being able to let it go, so I decided to join the challenge.  I’m replacing the habit of reaching for the usual dessert with a lovely Rooiboos Vanilla or Peppermint tea after dinner instead. So far so good.

One of my favourite nutrient packed snacks this week was this Superfood Chia Pudding - soak 1/2 cup chia seeds in coconut milk for at least 5 hours (use at least 1 cup milk, add more as you go along or before eating if necessary to reach desired consistency)
- add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
- add 3/4 teaspoon raw cacao powder

Read about Project: Food Budget challenge and please feel free to join by keeping your own budget and reporting back in the comments section.

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