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Project: Food Budget (16/06/11)

Posted Jun 16 2011 1:25am

Goal: 1000 kr (approx £117 / $190)
Actual: 958 kr

Budget = rounded up for 2 adults preparing 3 meals a day, more or less (any meals eaten out and ‘unplanned snacks’ are not included in this budget as that is highly individual). The goal amount is based on local research that I carried out with friends and family to find out the average weekly spend. This was it.

Friends, we’re back under budget. Phew, with only 2 weeks left to go after this one, I want to go out on a downer (downer = under budget = money in the pot for the next holiday to Thailand…slowly but surely…).

I included the 88kr Flaxseed oil we bought in the budget as, although it’s considered a ‘health supplement’ by some, we use it as dressing on our salads etc so it’s very much a regular part of our diet (which it very well should be for one and all with all those necessary omega 3 oils – unless you’re getting your fish oils in, in which case I don’t expect you to go drizzling that over your salad. Unless you want to of course, go ahead).

The most exciting experiment this week was discovering that I could make Rawtella in 5 minutes. It is SO delicious. Now I need to figure out how to stop eating it. That’ll take me more than 5 minutes.

We’ve also been experimenting with fermenting foods lately and although my Rejuvelac went mouldy and had to be donated to the toilet bowel this time around (having had many previous successes), the Kimchi turned out pretty darn good. Scary word ‘fermenting’ but actually very easy to do. Give it a go if you haven’t already – I can imagine that one could get hooked on this traditional food preparation method.

Read about Project: Food Budget challenge and please feel free to join by keeping your own budget and reporting back in the comments section.

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