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Project Food Blog: Ready, Set, Blog! The Mysterious Case of the Two-Sided Sneakers

Posted Sep 17 2010 4:47am

Prime suspect Heather –known by the alias Sneakers- was last seen outside Food Blog headquarters in a striped shirt and ridiculous sunglasses. Something strange was in the air…it was hard to make out, but she appeared to have two faces.

Could it be? Or was it simply a trick of the eye?

You’ll have to follow Project Food Blog to find out, but here are the clues we’ve gathered so far:

First job: Soft serve ice cream swirler extraordinaire.

ice cream stand

Clearly a foodie at heart.

But wait…

College major: Nutrition

nutrition grad

But how can it be?

Foodies love food that tastes good…they live & breathe good food.

Dietitians like bran, Brussels, and bok choy.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe the suspect does have two faces.

Or maybe her dual personalities have merged & found harmony in the impossible: delicious food that’s actually good for you.

That’s what I’m leaning towards…

Otherwise, how do you explain the evidence in the break room?

Healthy cinnamon rolls ?

healthy cinnamon rolls

Whole wheat muffins that taste like donuts ?

donut muffins

White pasta? Or veggie vehicle?

veggie pasta

Apple crisp ? Sinful…or vegan?

healthy apple pie

Gooey lasagna ….without a lick of cheese?

vegan lasagna

Pancakes made of oatmeal & yogurt?

oatmeal pancakes

Rumor has it the suspect thinks she can be the next food blog star because she makes food you can dig into and enjoy without worrying about what it’s doing to your arteries or your waistline. It’s easy- no crazy cooking skills or time required, and no need to follow exact recipes- rule followers have no fun.

Each and every exhibit is pointing towards a two-faced predator. Healthy AND delicious.

Although a covert search of the suspect’s computer seems to reveal some contradictory evidence:

cheetos oats

My guess?

It was Sneakers…

in the kitchen…

with cinnamon rolls…

Stay tuned to see if we ever catch the elusive suspect and put an end to the seemingly unsolvable mystery!

project food blog

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