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Progress Report

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:00am

I've decided to tackle a new goal (or goals) every month. At the end of each month, I'll decide if I want to carry it into the next month.

This month I went for

-Cutting out meat and dairy

-Yoga twice a week

I actually pretty much cut out meat on November 26 and then eliminated dairy, too, beginning December 20. Over time, I developed anemia (I'm normally prone to low iron levels) and started eating more plant-based iron rich foods, but it wasn't enough. I was dealing with dizzy spells and blacking out multiple times a day- during yoga, when standing up, and throughout my regular activities.

(I dealt with it during some yoga classes, but did skip one because I wanted to avoid blacking out during class again.)

I deliberated and discussed and ended up making one eensy, kind of big change. I'm sticking to cutting out meat and dairy...6 days a week. But once a week, I pick a day (usually Sunday), and I eat some quality, grass-fed, and organic beef because while I do think there is a lot of good to be said about cutting out meat, I do think I need a little quality beef to avoid anemia. I also think there are also benefits to eating a mostly plant-based diet if it means the changes are more likely to be sustained over time.

(Tim and I made hamburgers for dinner last Sunday; since then, I've experienced no dizziness or blackouts.)

Yoga is a work in progress. I missed a class due to my health issue (that I think is worked out now!). Nolan plays in the daycare downstairs while I practice, but sick kids aren't allowed. A little runny nose, ok, but the stuff that's been coming out of his nose? Not okay. (It doesn't seem to be slowing him down too much, though!)

Nolan and I need to get healthy, and then I'm going to keep plugging along.

What are you working on this month? How's it going?

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