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Progress Pics – 2 Months

Posted Oct 01 2012 12:00am

It’s hard to believe I’ve been on this crazy ol’ weight loss journey for two months now.  Please let it be true that slow and steady wins the race.  Because man has it been slow.

In August I got my workouts really on track.  In September there were basically no workouts but my eating has gotten better.  Perhaps being off of exercise has been a blessing in disguise.  (A really good disguise, like dressed up in that Scream mask because it’s kind of sucked.)  It really forced me to look at what I was eating.  And yes the addition of My Fitness Pal has helped a lot.

Here are my two month progress pics:


Alright October, bring on month 3!

Here’s what I need to focus on as I continue my quest to look like I do in my blog header:

  • Marry my calorie conscience eating WITH workouts in the same month.
  • Sleep.  I’ve been great at getting to bed early in September, it was easy, no exams.  Midterms start next week, I must do better than I usually do during exams.

What are your health goals for October?

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